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Offline animations/sequences with interaction
« on: August 07, 2017, 07:40:04 PM »
Hello all! Any help is always appreciated and many thanks will always be given.[/size]What I want to do - is have led strips/matrix show animations when triggered. I would really like the animations to be saved on the mcu/controller as I would like the most reliability as possible. I have many different things that I would like to control ws2811 leds in from small installations of 10 lights to some pretty strange ones like a "warp slide" (photo included). Background - I am fresh out of college for manufacturing and control systems. I have been working with my hands since I remember and am just getting into the arduino/microcontroller stuff recently but PLCs are what I mainly work on. I am building props for an escape room and wanted to blow the competition around out of the water by using lots of lights. I have a budget that can grow if needed and I am willing to purchase and play to learn. Right now I have been playing with the octows2811 and teensy combo but I am open to anything. Main Questions 1 - recommendations for making animations (software- free or paid for)2 - hardware and code to save animations to teensy or other controller and have them be triggered on and off(Input pin) Please if you are willing to help that would be great. If you are local I could give you free spots in an escape room and if you are far but help maybe I could do something else.Thanks


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