Author Topic: P10 xLights set up error  (Read 269 times)

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P10 xLights set up error
« on: September 11, 2017, 04:05:50 PM »
I have a 7x7 P10 panel included in my main christmas show. I have imported my sequences from last year and am working to convert update them for this years which now includes the P10 matrix.  when I pull in my prior year sequence.  I believe I have a error somewhere in my set up (don't believe it is a software error)  because when i cut and paste an effect I used on my smaller matrix from last year into my p10 /sequence I get some strange things on  my preview screen (that shows all models) when using the picture effect the pictures shows in the preview screen on both the left and right side of the p10, however on the model preview it shows correctly.  If I adjust the position to the extreme left or right I get the picture in the center on the main preview screen but the picture on the model preview show the pictures to the extreme left or right (corresponding to the setting in the effect)  What I'm I missing here.  I will attached to this the RGBEffects file and the sequence file.  (Please don't judge to harshly cause I kind of do things how I know to make them work, maybe not the best of prettiest way)  Thanks for any help and would be open to advice on how to better configure my setup.  Tks


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