Author Topic: fpp stopping show after it starts only on Saturday  (Read 32 times)

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fpp stopping show after it starts only on Saturday
« on: October 10, 2018, 09:06:48 PM »
I have a really strange problem happening that I can not figure out. Running FPP 1.8

I have a show set to run every night but I noticed that it would not run Saturdays. I then noticed that if I try and manually run a playlist and the clock shows it is a saturday it will saying "Playing 'playlist1' - Stopping Gracefully"

For some reason it seems to be starting the playlist and running a "Stop Gracefully" command at the same time. I took a look at the log and it looks like this

Code: [Select]

2018-09-30 21:28:20 (16502) Sequence.cpp:518:CloseSequenceFile() show1.fseq
2018-09-30 21:28:20 (3249) Playlist.cpp:87:currentPlaylistEntry = 2 Last=0 maxEntryIndex=2 repeat=0
2018-09-30 21:28:20 (3249) Playlist.cpp:90:Stopping Gracefully
2018-09-30 21:28:20 (3249) Playlist.cpp:506:Stopping Playlist
2018-09-30 21:28:20 (3249) Playlist.cpp:460:PlayListPlayingCleanup()

This only happens on Saturday. Every other day of the week is fine. In the schedule I only have one event and it is set to start a playlist at the same time everyday. When it is not working and on a saturday, I manually change the date to another day of the week and it works fine. Change it back to saturday and it will have the same problem.

What is more bizarre is that sometimes it will work. It seems that if I manually change the time and select or deselect the NTP server sometimes it will come up and will run when the date is set to a saturday.

I tried running 2.1 but I have some complex scripts with python that seems to break in 2.1 so want to try and get 1.8 working since it is running solid besides the saturday stopping issue. - BTW when it does not work it also happens if I run a simple playlist with just a single FSEQ and no scripts.

Anybody else experience this issue?


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