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Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Losing scripts and audio files
« Last post by Emork142 on Today at 07:20:50 PM »
Thank you so much for the suggestions.  I did in fact finds a few files with odd characters.  It does not like the odd ones.  I would suggest to anyone to edit the files name to a simple form.  Again thank you !  Christmas is saved!
We are having issues with our controller and pi talking to each other and the controller getting data. everything separately works, the alpha pix 16 runs the lights alone (just in test mode no sequence or xlights info) the pi is running fpp and we are able to ping from laptop and upload sequence, set up playlist, and even get everything set for the network. According to the "screen" everything should be working, but when i try to test nothing is working. The light on the the controller for the data being sent is not lit only the led that the Ethernet is plugged in. I  do not know if it is because we are plugged into a WIFI extender that is running off of our main router? Also did not know if maybe we would need a network switch. We do not have a desktop only laptop so run off of wifi, so instead of running Ethernet from the one side of the house, was hoping to use the existing wifi extender that was already in the garage for the light show. Any advise? Already have dozens of hours into this and that is all that is missing is the computer side of this!! also when i did set up the controller the other night i had the Ethernet on the computer to the extender and also to the controller and everything was great i had a connection and i was able to "talk" to it and ping it. I set everything up. Then i realized i never finished the download of the firmware update so maybe that was an issue when i started to back track to the beginning. Update- i just tried taking the controller and hooking that up to my home router by itself and my laptop as well and still can not get the controller to sync to the show network.everything is matching in IP address numbers and i have tried every single video.Am i missing something? Pi is running fine IP is matched perfectly, static ip is different from home and it is not my wifi ip, i even took the pi inside and hooked it up to a tv to double check that it was still running everything the same. Tried different cords, i have now seen a orange light flash every once in a while on the controller port so i know data is going through. Sorry lots of info. I have added to this all day after going back and forth before posting.
Yes Iím using Chrome.  I tried a different laptop same problem
The Water Cooler / Re: Twilio
« Last post by enjoylife22 on Today at 05:51:39 PM »
ok I have narrowed it down to my fpp not being set up right and not sure how to do that.  I see in Twilio that I received the message from text.  Then I checked my log file on router and it shows that it went to my fpp ip address with port 80.  After that I have no idea.  My fpp will not start the playlist or send a message back to my phone.  I have put a picture in of my routers log file
The Water Cooler / Twilio
« Last post by enjoylife22 on Today at 05:36:55 PM »
If there is anyone that can help me set this up I would greatly appreciate it.  I can not get it to save my life.  I have tried numerous times to get Twilio to work.  I was getting all kinds of errors.  Now I am able to see the incoming message from the phone but not able to get it to the fpp.  I put in my ip address for my xfinity.  Forwarding it to port 80 through my router and nothing.  I only want to be able to start the show through a text.  I am not doing matrix yet but just want it to be able to start the show so if I am not home people can start it by themselves.  I have team viewer if anyone that knows how to get this working can help me I would greatly appreciate it.
General Software / Re: what software should i use?
« Last post by David Pitts on Today at 05:27:06 PM »
I would use Xlights. At one time there were an equal amount of people using both. Now i believe most are using xlights and the support for Xlights via Facebook, web meetings, forums and peer groups is far superior.
Are you using Chrome?
The Water Cooler / Boscoyo Studios and other companies
« Last post by Powelln on Today at 05:13:48 PM »
 Ok, so I'm new to the hobby and learning as I go. I have had to redo and add things to orders that initially I didn't think I needed. Boscoyo Studios allowed me to add an unpaid item to my shipping list as it was headed out the door, to pay as soon as possible, during their busiest time of the year. Of course I paid for the item right away but that kind of trust from a company is unheard of. They are responsive via email and I am a customer for life.
I've also had great experiences with Ray Wu, PixelController/Falcon and everyone in this community who answer my silly questions. 

Thanks Everyone!
F4V2 4-Port E131 controller / Replacement OLED for F4V3
« Last post by disparky on Today at 04:08:46 PM »
Hi David,

Might I order a replacement oled for my F4V3?
I damaged it on installation.

Thank you,

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