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General Hardware / Re: Hiding cg1500's
« Last post by mararunr on Today at 07:39:45 AM »
I either put them up against the house or try to hide them behind props like the pole of my mega tree or behind my nativity scene in the yard.  Otherwise, I don't worry about it because if you have enough stuff (sounds like you do), the eyes naturally overlook the grey boxes and focus on the props during the daytime and at night, it's dark so rarely scene.
3rd Party Integration / Re: Sequencer integration APIs
« Last post by darylc on Today at 07:03:08 AM »
Is there any documentation for the current API?

There is no current API, you ssh in and hack around the config files
General Hardware / Re: Hiding cg1500's
« Last post by rlemery on Today at 06:23:38 AM »
You could make a box that looks like a Christmas gift to slip over the cg1500. I don't revive as much snow here in NC so I paint them forest green and put a red bow on them.

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General Hardware / Hiding cg1500's
« Last post by PeteyHall on Today at 06:03:27 AM »
Between what was purchased last year and what's getting purchased this year, my wife is getting concerned that there are going to be cg1500's all over my yard (probably 12 at least).  What do you guys do to 'hide' the cases, taking into account that I'm in the northeast and need to account for snow?  I was hoping to use smaller cases but they won't fit the boards and a power supply and my wife definitely already told me no 'ammo' boxes on the front lawn...

And in case you ask, I have so many cases because I live on a corner and have a really large front/side lawn that's sprawled out and the runs would be too long to safely & reliably run them from a central location.

LOR Controllers / Re: LOR / Falcon Interoperability
« Last post by Emuney18 on July 19, 2017, 07:36:35 PM »
Im not against wired connections and I would prefer them but I didn't want to deal with getting across the driveway so I did wifi last year.  I'm just curious for the people who doubt the wifi if you have any problems the rest of the year with devices?  I had to replace a router that kept giving me spotty signal in my bedroom a couple years ago but beyond that if you can watch an internet video you will be fine.

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Events/Gatherings / Re: Colorado Light Enthusiast Meet Up in Denver on July 22
« Last post by Ronniek on July 19, 2017, 06:39:03 PM »
I am planning to be there.


Ronnie Kelley
Ok. I will move it over to just using a regular BBB.

Sign me up for one of the new ones that will work with the wireless and I'll shoot you over some PayPal. I dont solder board level so i would appreciate a complete one if you can :) :)
I need to add some more error checks on the channeloutput page.   On the BBGW, if you select "Standard 1.x" for the wiring pinout, it will definitely do this.   All the control lines in the 1.x octo scroller are on the same pins as the wireless card so outputting light data will do funky things to the wifi.   Also, with v2.x pinout, make sure you do NOT use outputs 6/7/8 for the same reason.   Ideally the channel outputs page would detect if it's a BBGW and not even let you select the invalid combinations.   

That said, since I'm the only one with a 2.x octo board, I'm not sure it's worth even trying on the BBGW yet.  :)

I have updated to the latest image on my BBGW.
However; whenever I click to enable the LED panels output i get this error and eventually the BBGW becomes unresponsive and drops the connection.

I attach a screen shot of what is happening in the fppd_start.log file.
3rd Party Integration / Re: Sequencer integration APIs
« Last post by 95CivicSi on July 19, 2017, 02:46:12 PM »
Is there any documentation for the current API?
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