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BeagleBone Black Controllers / Re: F8B+
« Last post by dkulp on Today at 06:23:26 PM »

So I finally got to test the differential receiver parts of this.   The good news is everything is wired perfectly and I can set it to 20 outputs and get pixel data out on all three of the differential ports.   Thus, it seems to all be working from a hardware side.

The bad news is changing from DMX/PixelNet to pixels requires a complete reboot right now, not just a restart of FPP.   It seems like the FPP restart doesn't call any routines to shutdown outputs so the DMX PRU code continues to run on the second PRU and interferes with the pixel code on the first PRU.  I need to figure that out.   I think at fpp startup, even if DMX isn't configured, I need to clear the data and send the "stop" command to the second PRU just in case it's running.   Not really sure yet.  Something I'm looking into.

In any case, from a hardware standpoint, things are looking very good.   
1/4" is really thick and most use 1/8" thick. Assuming 1/8" ABS. Power supplies are M4 screw size and you will need 8mm long.  To attach abs to case it is #6 1/2" long sheet metal screws. If you stick with 1/4" then adjust your length accordingly. If you mount the PS flat be careful you don't go too deep or you will hit the internal board.

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I have a CG-1500 that I'm putting in a Meanwell PSU, RPi3 w/ PiCap and Power Distro Block. I'm planning on mounting everything to a 1/4" ABS then mounting that to the CG-1500. I'm planning on getting some standoff's for the RPi3/PiCap and also the Distro Block. My question is this. What hardware (screw sizes, etc) do I need to mount the PSU to the ABS and also the what hardware to mount the ABS to the CG-1500 w/out breaking the mounting posts.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: FPP and BBG
« Last post by CaptainMurdoch on Today at 01:54:50 PM »
I sent one to Chris last week.

I think it came Saturday, so I hope to look at it soon.
This is totally untested, but you can try editing your FPP's .htaccess file to look similar to this:

Code: [Select]
SetEnvIf Request_URI ^/runEventScript.php noauth=1

AuthUserFile /opt/fpp/www/.htpasswd
AuthType Basic
AuthName admin

Order Deny,Allow
Satisfy any
Deny from all
Require valid-user
Allow from env=noauth

You may need to run "sudo nano /opt/fpp/www/.htaccess" if you are logged in as the fpp user.   Basically, insert the SetEnvIf line at the top and change the single "Require valid-user" line to the section starting with the "Order" line above.  Then restart apache using the following command:

Code: [Select]
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

The above change should allow the remote system to hit the runEventScript.php URL's bypassing the password prompt.
General Hardware / Re: Smoking P10 panels
« Last post by CaptainMurdoch on Today at 12:08:04 PM »
Did you have the panels screwed to anything?  If you use screws that are too long to mount the panels, they could go all the way through and touch the circuit board shorting out something.  I think Pat fried a couple panels this way until he realized what was happening and switched to shorter screws.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Understanding the Master / Slave roles
« Last post by CaptainMurdoch on Today at 12:06:28 PM »
I imported the VIDEO file in Audacity and added exactly one HALF of a second of silence in the beginning. Then I exported the MP3 file.

I created a playlist with a blank sequence and using the MP3 as the "media" and now it's all sync'd back up

Thanks for looping back and posting your test results.

The MP3 and MP4 players are totally separate programs, so I can imagine that sync might be off a little.  We have also found that saving/recreating a MP3 in Audacity adds a tiny bit of silence at the beginning each time you load/save, so you may find a need to chop some blank space if you ever load the file and save it again.
Cap'n is the read only supported in the version 1.9 branch or more of a get all the way up and then run a script?

Have a couple of the zero laying around.

The only way to get the read-only support is to run the script after installing, it isn't built into any SD image yet.
I believe they start up nearly in sync but then can get out of sync over time.  I think I remember watching them once for a minute or two when I was bored one day and one was slightly faster than the other for some reason.  I think this may have been talked about in another thread a couple years ago, but can't find a link.
BeagleBone Black Controllers / Re: F32B
« Last post by dkulp on Today at 08:48:11 AM »
Yea... Dave sent me an ebay link for the pixel connector/socket things as I couldn't find the right one available at Digikey or Mouser.   Thanks for the fuseholder link (and a link at the bottom had good prices for the 5amp fuses).   There is definitely some savings for various things via other routes.    I think my next step will be an "interest" thread to see if there is enough interest for a group buy.  I can use the higher Digikey values as a "maximum" for the interest.   
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