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I started off using strips but have slowly moved from strips to nodes.   I am only now using strips inside arches.   Will probably be 100% nodes by next year or year after that...   Repairability is key for me.  Strips are a pain to repair, nodes pretty darned easy.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: "Advanced" Networking
« Last post by Arti G on Today at 10:22:49 AM »
Updated patch which resolves the issue (again) with Realtek-based Edimax WiFi Adapters:

On the BeagleBone, after doing the above but before you reboot do:
  • sudo systemctl disable bonescript.socket
  • sudo systemctl disable bonescript-autorun.service
Everything else is the same from the previous instructions (Reply #5 and #21).  The next version of the patch will properly handle (re)disabling bone script.

It's the only way to get Access Point working on Raspberry and don't need router to connect with phone.
I've installed it on Pi Zero W, FPP 1.9. DHCP is not working! Neither on Access Point nor Hotspot. I see network, I can connect with PC only (PC is searching for IP and sets some random IP(, phone won't connect because it can't get IP. On AP there is no way to get to GUI. On Hotspot at least on PC when I set address of wlan0 to and set static IP ( on my PC I can get to GUI (
Is there anything I can do to activate DHCP?,7388.0.html
Hi there. When I first booted up my falcon16v3, it had an IP of nothing plugged into it. I typed that in the browser because I wanted to configure the controller but nothing came up. So I plugged a cable in from the router. It then gave me the IP of I typed that into a browser...still didn't work.

So I then followed the instructions in the manual for setting a static IP. That didn't work either and now the OLED on the falcon simply shows all zeros. When I view the network on the OLED, even the subnet and gateways are zeros. When I plug a network cable in, the orange/yellow light stays on constant instead of blinking when transmitting data. Any ideas?! I removed and reloaded FPP on the Pi and I also used the reset option on the Falcon...all to no avail. Please help! Thanks so much!
Falcon PiCap / PiCAP with Renard 64
« Last post by esmiller67 on Today at 08:10:45 AM »
I have been searching for a few days and have been unable to locate an answer to my issue.. I have a Pi3 and PiCap which are working.
I have 4 strands of 50 pixels each on each of the 2 channels. No problem with them.. working great !

Now I need to connect it to my Renard 64 controller. I have all 3 of the jumpers set to REN, but that is all I am certain of --

What port? Under Channel Output - OTHER I have Output type: RENARD .. Port: ttyAMA0 .. Speed 57600, N81

Is this the correct port?

What should the cable wiring be? I have seen it listed as bioth a straight thru and also one that only uses 4 wires, 2 GRN and Data+ and Data-
HOW do I set it up so that it will light the channels on the REN64 when I use the Display Testing option?

I have seen tutorial done for the DMX option as well as the LOR option, but still nothing for the REN option. Has anybodt gotten this working successfully, and if so coul you please explain what I need to do?

I have considered just using a USB-RS-485 dongle, but would rather drive it right from the PiCAP if possible.

Thank you for any help anybody can offer..

Eddie Miller

F16v2 Pixel Controller / Re: Expansion Board question
« Last post by Chaz on Today at 08:08:49 AM »
Thanks. The manuals are very helpful. After I read them, I am sure I will have more questions.  :)
Installed new image
Used the new "install to eMMC" option instead of SSH. Worked perfectly

Here are the new choices for LED Panel sizes and Refresh:

Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Raspberry Zero W
« Last post by Arti G on Today at 06:26:44 AM »
Instead of static, can you make it DCHP?

Yes, can be DHCP. Write in interface.wlan0 this:
SSID="<your ssid>"
PSK="<your password>"

I tried to setup Access Point as it will be best setup for me for every show. I don't want to place router on place while I can have AP and connect directly to FPP. It's strange that it isn't included in FPP from the beginning.

Be aware that some ways that are on the Internet don't work and even can brake FPP so you will have to format SD and install fresh FPP.
I've tried some and ended with corrupted FPP :(
NOT WORKING:,7072.msg68417.html#msg68417 Post #11
No IP, no access to GUI after interface.wlan0 setup, but can connect to Pi's wifi:,4137.0.html
1. sudo wget
sudo tar xzvpf fpp.tgz -C /opt/fpp
sudo /opt/fpp/scripts/apply-advanced-network
2. sudo nano /home/fpp/media/config/interface.wlan0

COUNTRY=us (choose)
CHANNEL=5 (choose)
SSID='abcd' (choose)
PSK='123456789' (choose min. 8 chars)
3. ctrl+x, y, enter
4. sudo reboot

2b. You may need to edit /home/fpp/media/config/dns and write DNS1="<choose>" DNS2="<choose>"
my windows are on strips ws2811 12v, got ray to make up as exact length with pigtails- made it very easy.
Strips are zipped to pvc pipe 20mm and use elbows in corners to join. Works a treat, only replaced 1 strip in 3 years. as ordered some  spares for the job.
Easy to replace this way, but also to store pipe+ strip in roof space of garage.
Cheers Boof63
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: help - can't get out of bridge mode
« Last post by JonB256 on July 25, 2017, 09:39:15 PM »
Try a reboot, then switch. If that fails, then we'll need to see some config pages.

and, how up to date are you?  v1.9? 
Falcon Player (FPP) / help - can't get out of bridge mode
« Last post by Northernwarrior on July 25, 2017, 08:06:41 PM »
i was trying to use e131 in xlights to try testing without having to save , upload to pi player.   

i put fpp in bridge mode, but now when i try to put it back to standalone ffpd won't run.   it tries then stops.

what did i do wrong ?
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