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Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: FPP with Imported Superstar Effects
« Last post by Bos Lights on Today at 12:57:54 PM »
Hi Guys!

A quick question, when I create a picture effect in XLights, I upload the images to the "Uploads" folder on my Master FPP, this way it will always be available on the network as the Pi running the Master FPP is always running.

Do you see any issues with this setup OR do you have any other recommendations?

The Water Cooler / Re: Who will be the first to get/test a RasPi3B+
« Last post by gadgetsmith on Today at 12:54:38 PM »

Just a warning to anyone ordering one of these, the new Pi will require a new SD image because it needs a newer firmware and kernel due to the CPU and ethernet change. 

I will get a newer Pi Stretch SD image uploaded in the next day or so in case anyone was up early enough to get one of the new Pi 3 B+ on order.

The Pi3 B+ arrived today.  Threw the new image on there and presto... up and going.  I'll just be using this to run the 4, 512x32 matrix panels, and so far, this setup is doing wonderfully at that.  Thanks for getting this new image out there!

I am looking to expand my display only slightly and possibly add a future 2x3 matrix for a tune to.
Do I understand correctly that the F8-PB can run 8 ports, and additional 12 ports (with three receivers) and an Fv3 16 port expansion board, for a total of  36 (or 32?) ports driven?
Is the Pocket Beagle necessary to do this if hard wired into the show router? 

And, will the Pocket scroller /w Pocket Beagle control a small matrix wireless (using a USB wifi)? 
I am assuming the above are both true?
Thanks, looking to place an order and making sure.

Learning Center / Re: Basic Set up
« Last post by pixelpuppy on Today at 08:33:38 AM »
My show router and master Pi are inside the house so that there are no wires going from inside the house to outside the house.  I do have them mounted on an outside wall on the front of the house inside a closet.  My FM transmitter is also mounted in the closet.

I do the same thing.   I love having no network cables running around the yard (even though I'm a "network guy" by profession).  8)
I was definitely seeing this on earlier builds but on the latest build I can't seem to reproduce it.  I've tried switching back and forth between static and DHCP with and without reboots and it seems to function normally each time as far as I can tell. 

I'm not denying there may still be an issue.  Just giving another data point that one of the recent SD builds fixed it for me and I don't see this problem anymore (I did have this problem on earlier builds).   My current running image is built fresh from the file. 
One thing that might be different is I'm doing all my alpha testing strictly off the SD card and not using USB storage. Maybe there are some old files getting saved on the USB? 
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Readonly script and fppv1.10
« Last post by jnealand on Today at 07:54:36 AM »
Based on some of the work that is going on with the FPP software you may not need to mess with the read only script in the future.
Learning Center / Re: Basic Set up
« Last post by jnealand on Today at 07:52:41 AM »
My show router and master Pi are inside the house so that there are no wires going from inside the house to outside the house.  I do have them mounted on an outside wall on the front of the house inside a closet.  My FM transmitter is also mounted in the closet.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Triggering event from sequence
« Last post by brichi on Today at 07:47:43 AM »
Hey guys I was hoping for some help on something driving me crazy

I watched a video on this, tried 100 different ways and its not 100% what I want to do so I cant get this to work right for some reason

I want to trigger a background sequence on a BBB for my P10 Tune To sign to start at the start of my show and end at the end so from 5pm to 11PM or so when the last track finishes. On my first track i put a trigger 1/1 to start and on my closing track a 1/2 event. the major minor address of 1 and 2. In Xlights I set a model to start address 1 and started a new sequence, added a dmx effect at the start and set dmx channel 1 and 2 to 10 and 10 to trigger the event 1/1 that is scripted and stored on the BBB

When I keep the BBB in master I can manually hit trigger and it plays the script/sequence for my sign but I cannot for the life of me get it to trigger from a schedule.

Xschedule is in remote FPP master mode and I have put the BBB in all different modes and none of them trigger this event I want when the schedule starts

Is there more info on this I can watch, anyone have steps I may be missing? any help would be appreciated!

the last thing I tried is uploaded the sequence to the BBB and played it and it triggers the event too so it works like that but obviously I dont want to do it this way, I have 1 track as my start of the show and a closing track so I want to set the event to start at the opening track and end at the end of my closing track


Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: WLAN0 and second wired USB Device
« Last post by michaelc on Today at 06:58:06 AM »
Chris,  what would go in the interface file and is it interface or interface.default?  I did some research and it looks like the following would work but before I try it I wanted to run it by you.  Also,  does this mean my GUI interface network addressing won't work anymore.  Based on your direction, I assume I would delete the eth0, eth1 and wlan0 files from /home/fpp/media/config/interface.  If I delete them, save this new file and reboot, are those files then recreated in that directory?

auto lo

iface lo inet loopback
iface eth0 inet static

iface eth1 inet static

allow-hotplug wlan0
iface wlan0 inet manual
wpa-ram /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
iface default inet dhcp
Learning Center / Re: Basic Set up
« Last post by JonB256 on Today at 06:07:08 AM »
The Pi3b you have as Master could easily drive your F16v3 with E1.31 data if you connect to same switch. One less Remote to keep updated.

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