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Looking at old posts, there was a discussion about BBB and wireless.

The results from an "lsmod" command were being checked. The answer seemed to hint that the Wireless drivers should be listed as 8192cu wireless, not as rtl8192cu.

My lsmod is showing as rtl8192cu

Code: [Select]
Kernel Modules:    lsmod

Module                  Size  Used by
ti_am335x_adc           6364  0
pvrsrvkm              441484  0
omap_aes_driver        23912  0
uio_pruss               5504  1
omap_sham              26513  0
omap_rng                5544  0
rng_core                9066  1 omap_rng
industrialio_triggered_buffer     1741  0
kfifo_buf               3732  2 ti_am335x_adc,industrialio_triggered_buffer
industrialio           62863  3
pwm_tiehrpwm            5883  0
pwm_tiecap              4571  0
tieqep                  9981  0
ccm                     8777  2
arc4                    2211  2
c_can_platform          7581  0
c_can                  12220  1 c_can_platform
can_dev                14358  1 c_can
rtl8192cu              64049  0
rtl_usb                11220  1 rtl8192cu
rtl8192c_common        47080  1 rtl8192cu
rtlwifi                68709  3 rtl_usb,rtl8192c_common,rtl8192cu
mac80211              626271  3 rtl_usb,rtlwifi,rtl8192cu
cfg80211              532397  2 mac80211,rtlwifi
rfkill                 21386  3 cfg80211
spi_omap2_mcspi        12952  0
ti_am335x_tsc           6741  0
ti_am335x_tscadc        6563  2 ti_am335x_adc,ti_am335x_tsc
evdev                  13511  1
uio_pdrv_genirq         3923  0
uio                    10524  4 uio_pruss,uio_pdrv_genirq
usb_f_mass_storage     49849  2
usb_f_acm               8361  2
u_serial               13753  3 usb_f_acm
usb_f_ecm              11064  2
usb_f_rndis            25865  2
u_ether                14349  2 usb_f_ecm,usb_f_rndis
libcomposite           53618  16
Learning Center / Re: 9600 pixels and the F16V3. Will it work?
« Last post by mattyams on Today at 09:20:38 AM »
Doh, I had it wired wrong....sigh....

I'll be back with more questions I'm sure!
Falcon Group Buys / Re: [GROUP BUY] F8-B and F16-B
« Last post by Bill Poteat on Today at 08:39:43 AM »
My Order

ItemQtyCostTotal Cost
XLights/Nutcracker / Re: Led mapping
« Last post by MikeKrebs on Today at 08:03:19 AM »
Every model in xlights is essentially a 2 dimensional grid. If you can visualize your object as a 2d plane, you can create a model of it. Check this for something  similar:
Boscoyo provides a xlights model. If you open it in notepad,  you will get a feel for how it is mapped. The numbers separated by commas are specific nodes (leds)in the model. The spaces (,,) are where no nodes are defined.  If you import it into xlights you will see how the model looks.
Custom models, once broken down into 2d, are tedious but easy to create.

If you haven't yet, go ahead and download. xlights. It is simple to install and quick to uninstall if it doesn't meet your needs. Watch the getting started videos. Try it out.
Learning Center / Re: p10 panels vs projector
« Last post by ezimnow on Today at 07:30:45 AM »
For me the Projector (2000) lumens for about $120 plus an outdoor weatherproof screeen (6x9) $100 mounted to a DIY PVC frame is hands down cheaper. I use mine from the garage out thru an open window to the screen. Ive seen P10 panels and in comparison  the projector  is clear  and sharp and does  not looked washed out at all.
I remember in the pass there were comments about,   the wireless connection was going to sleep mode.

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XLights/Nutcracker / Re: Led mapping
« Last post by keithsw1111 on Today at 03:09:20 AM »
This is trivial to do in xlights. See custom model videos at
XLights/Nutcracker / Re: Led mapping
« Last post by Arti G on Today at 02:16:32 AM »
I have top view of 3d model - see image 2. I do this in MadMapper without problems and have no idea how to do this in Xlights. How to set animation as background on which I will place pixels that will take colors form places on background I put them (image 2b)?
Learning Center / Re: 9600 pixels and the F16V3. Will it work?
« Last post by MikeKrebs on June 22, 2017, 11:49:40 PM »
What is the problem you are seeing? Config appears to match. You attached one strip to each port?
Planning to be there at this point..
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