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New Hardware Projects / Re: Power injection requirements/hardware
« Last post by lwillisjr on Today at 04:41:19 PM »
I haven't read this whole thread so a bit hesitant to weigh in......  but yes you will need to connect the 12v-  between the PSUs.

F16V3 Pixel Controller / Re: CLI or Remote Configuration...
« Last post by darylc on Today at 04:07:52 PM »
Can the Falcon F16V3 be configured via CLI (SSH/Telnet) or via a remote connection tool without a browser interface?

- Matt Johnson

No, although you could look at the xlights source code and try to build your own tool.
cool beans
it worked

i did not use a thumb drive as there are no usb ports.. lol

but i reformated an old sd card
stuck it in
set it to use that as the storage device
set it again
it was there!

i went and saved my presets in LED Panels
saved and rebooted as directed
went to status page
then bakc to LED PANels
holy crap
my presets where there!

thank you again!!!!

ill let ya know the results

Hmm... that's not good.  I'll have to take a look.

Can you repartition and reformat the SD card on your PC, stick it in, and set the storage location to that and reboot.  Then set it again and reboot again.    Either that or use a USB thumb drive.    I'd like to see if it's at least working OK with using a different storage device.  Most likely you won't be able to use the eMMC for storage anyway as there isn't much space free there.   Yes, I'd like to get it fixed.  But I also want to make sure the normal case is working.

i DID this 5 times

set the storage device (you were right the boot device is the only one present)


the storage device was never saved (or at least not after reboot)


I believe you NEED to go to the settings page and set a storage location.   For now, set it to the boot partition (likely the only partition available) in the list.  Reboot.   Set it again.  Then reboot again and go back to the settings page and see if it's there.   

This is something I need to clean up a bit.   :(

Falcon Player Plugins / Re: EDM-RDS
« Last post by Aaron Maue on Today at 12:11:31 PM »

Aaron Maue, thank you very much for your detailed instructions.  A couple of hiccups and I was up and running, amazing!   

My problem is that I forgot to copy my backed up network settings so when I got to the download the zip file it failed.  I added my network settings and resumed but forgot to go the correct folder and downloaded and installed the pigpio in the wrong directory.  When I finally figured out my mistake I put it in the correct location but then when I ran sudo pigpiod it gave and error error  Can't lock /var/run/  I figured out it was running in the wrong directory and can only run 1 instance so I ran sudo killall pigpiod, ran it in the correct location and it works great!

Thanks to all on here for their detailed work.

Good deal.  Glad you got it working.  What version of Pi are you using?  I ran mine on a Pi2 master last year.  Going to change that out for a Pi3 master in the coming week or so.
I went through and did another update (just to be sure)

then did the flash to the eMMC (again)

then removed the sdcard

removed power

waited 15 minutes

powered up

went to LED Panels
set up my presets
saved etc

went to status page

went to LEd Panel page
all gone agian

so no change

F16V3 Pixel Controller / CLI or Remote Configuration...
« Last post by idleup on Today at 11:05:09 AM »
Can the Falcon F16V3 be configured via CLI (SSH/Telnet) or via a remote connection tool without a browser interface?

- Matt Johnson

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