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Falcon PiCap / Re: Newbie Setup Instructions
« Last post by jnealand on Today at 06:36:39 PM »
The PiCap only uses absolute addressing.  You give it a start channel and the number of pixels on each output.  Output 2 start channel will immediately follow output 1s end channel.

As for me I have never learned how to speak in universe mode.
F16V3 Pixel Controller / Re: Soldering 2811 RGB Strips
« Last post by Bizeek on Today at 06:15:49 PM »
You should tin the ends where the copper/cca is exposed first before soldering both wires together.  Make sure your solder has some rosin core flux on the inside, it'll help getting the connections with a 30w soldering gun/pen.  What type of soldering gun power do you have? we need details, or links at least to see what you're missing or possibly giving yourself more frustration.   I have myself used 60/40 and 0.0032 diameter solder.  Do not buy the lead free solder if you don't have a soldering gun hotter than 65w, you'll spend a hell of a time getting the balls to not  clump up and getting them on the wires.   Flux is your friend, and will help tremendously with getting the leads together.
Lynx/Pixelnet / Re: Help!!!
« Last post by deplanche on Today at 06:05:36 PM »
Were you able to get this figured out yet?
The problem is your power supply is putting out more than 5.0v.

The F16v3's have voltage protection built in to help you avoid blowing up the board and this has kicked in which is why you see now power LED.

Try another PSU or wind your PSU down a bit.

F16V3 Pixel Controller / Re: F16V3 Controlling A/C Controllers
« Last post by PeteyHall on Today at 05:17:15 PM »
 I just wired up my first 2 lynx expresses to a couple of f16v3ís. Make sure the small jumpers in the f16 are set to Dax, just use a straight through rj45  cable to go from the falcon to the dmx in on the lynx.

It worked perfectly for me and just remember to assign the right universe and ports under the serial port screen.

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Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: P10 Panel almost...
« Last post by mndless on Today at 03:43:03 PM »
Issue is resolved with the latest image...   works great.

Thanks for all the help !!

I changed the F16V3 universes to be 1-96 with a starting channel of 33794.  That lights up the lights, sorta.

I started a new show directory and just added one prop, that lights up wonderfully.  Back to the Halloween directory, everythings screwy.  Some lights not coming on in a prop, other props have lights going in different directions. 

Only difference between the two setups is that in the Halloween setup I put universe 1 at 400 channels, and the remaining at 510.  I changed it universe 1 to 510 and voila, everything is working.  Can't believe that would be it.  I assume all universes have to be the same channel length.  Worked fine last year on the F16V2, who is to know.  Is it xlights, is it Falcon.  Don't care.  It's working and I'm happy.

F16V3 Pixel Controller / Re: Soldering 2811 RGB Strips
« Last post by Haus on Today at 02:40:05 PM »

I am trying to solder 18-3 wire to the end of the strip.  I am using 18-3 wire from the strip to the falcon v3 controller.

Any tips on what kind of soldering iron or solder to use.  I am using a soldering iron and electrical solder.

I would appreciate any help

Thanks in advance
I just completed the install of the power supplies, qty 4 & all 5vdc, as well as checked they were outputting 5vdc. After mounting the power supplies I verified that the jumpers on the F16v3 were set for 5vdc. All pixels will also be 5vdc.

I double checked all jumpers again prior to mounting the F16v3 and 1 more time prior to installing separate power wires, two different power supplies, on V1 & V2 "board power". I will not be using the external power as the wiring points seemed to be very small.

What I do not see is the LEDs close to the board power settings being on nor do I see anything on the OLED screen. I am sure when first starting it was supposed to say "BOOTING"

What else do I need to do or do I need to check? I powered the unit back down and will wait until I hear from you.

All the jumpers are set for 5 vdc and the LEDs at the bottom of the board are lit, as you can see in the supplied pict .

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.
Learning Center / First time RGB noob
« Last post by afensty on Today at 01:51:51 PM »
Hello, I am so happy I stumbled upon this forum as I want to do my first RGB display this year and get away form standard bulbs that dont do anything. I know I am late in the season to get into it but I think with a little elbow grease I can get a display ready for Christmas. I think due to all the features now available and in the future I am going to purchase the F16V3 Pixel Controller - Ready to Run setup so I know I will have a great base to build upon. I think I will also get a raspberry pi so I can have everything self contained in one place and nw need to worry about my computer going to sleep mi display. I was looking at getting the diyledexpress PixaBulbs because I like the look of C9 bulbs to do a basic outline of my house this year. Does anyone have experience with the PixaBulbs and know how they compare to others like ray wu and holidaycoro? This is a dumb question but the ready to run controller has different options for pigtails and one of them is diyledexpress, do you know if this will work with the 4 wire PixaBulbs? Thanks for all the help so far and I hope to keep learning from all you knowledgeable people.
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