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General Hardware / Re: P10 panel flickering outline
« Last post by rmp2917 on Today at 10:18:31 PM »
After the
cd /opt/fpp/src
sudo rm fppd
I get an error: "rm: cannot remove `fppd': No such file or directory"
Should I remove fppd.*? I see fppd.c .h and .sh.

You don't want to delete any other files. I don't think the error is an issue just go ahead and run the sudo make at the end and see if it will build.

I am currently travelling and won't be back home until Sept. 1st. I will try to play with it some more and maybe create a new build if I get it working good.
LOR Controllers / Re: Adding Pixels to LOR Hardware and Sequencer
« Last post by Dennis Laff on Today at 08:04:11 PM »
if you have sequences you ran last year in lor with lor controllers (16 channel AC )  you can simply add the Falcon controller as a new network, in network preferences and continue to program all in lor if you want.
LOR Controllers / Re: Adding Pixels to LOR Hardware and Sequencer
« Last post by Emuney18 on Today at 07:18:51 PM »
My understanding is the same as yours that you can't just daisy chain them.  That being said you can have the Falcon be first and have it output DMX to your LOR controllers that can then be daisy chained.  If you want to stay with the LOR protocol you can always run them as LOR and use a network switch.

Do you plan to use FPP and a Pi to run your show?    I was never an expert with LOR so I went straight to xlights.  The recent xlights updates have made AC sequencing much better and if you go to the main I think there is a video. The other option is to use LOR and xlights.  And then use xlights to convert the LOR sequence for FPP. 

I'm in Apex,NC.

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Pixeloverlays doesn't seem to work correctly.  Go to add one, click save and the entry just disappears.  Doesn't matter the number of entries I try they just all disappear.
Thanks David - both of these are just under the daughter board right?
Falcon Player Plugins / Re: EDM-RDS
« Last post by EButler on Today at 05:01:02 PM »
Thanks for the info.  I at least know that having to re-initiate pigpiod after each reboot or re-start is not typical. 

I'll see if anyone else has any suggestions.  I may need to just start over from scratch. 

During my original attempt (that I didn't try to explain in first post) I tried to install the plugin from the plugin page.  The ultimate result was that the pi froze and I couldn't get it to do anything.  I had to cycle power on it which I know is not good.  After I rebooted it actually showed the plugin installed so I tried to update the file with my setup but got no where.  I figured I should just follow the steps you outlined but could not get the "uninstall" feature to work from the plugin page.  I would click on it but it wouldn't do anything.  I went into the edmrds folder and deleted everything it would let me and then started with the procedure you outlined. 

Maybe because I did this explains some of the issues I'm having?
XLights/Nutcracker / Re: getting xlights to play nicely with bbb
« Last post by Keebler on Today at 04:09:09 PM »
heck it's worth trying

thank you

LOR Controllers / Adding Pixels to LOR Hardware and Sequencer
« Last post by Haus on Today at 03:41:43 PM »
Hello All

I am brand new to pixels.  I purchased the F16v3 with the differential expansion board along with 2 differential recievers this year with 24 Smart RGB strips.
Last year I ran 5 LOR controllers and this year I want to combined them.

First question I have is from hardware stand point, how do these need to be setup. I was told at the Nashville show that I could just add the F16V3 as a part of the
ethernet daisy chain like I would a new LOR controller.  I think now that this is not so.

Second question would be what sequence editor (LOR,Xlights etc..) would be the best for combining both the LOR sequence and creating a new pixel sequence.

I am in the Charlotte, NC area if anyone is local that can help.

Thanks in advance
Falcon Player Plugins / Re: EDM-RDS
« Last post by Aaron Maue on Today at 02:30:07 PM »
Hopefully someone who understands what's happening in the background with Linux as you follow the procedure can pipe in. In my experience, I don't have to do the "sudo pigpiod" step after reboot. It just works. I know that's not helpful, but wanted to csee firm that I don't think your situation is "normal."
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