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Falcon PiCap / Re: Pi with picap gets hotttttt
« Last post by Jojoed on Today at 01:24:07 PM »
Ok Iíll check that tonight ty

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Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Eth0 default address not what I need.
« Last post by skulltronix on Today at 11:32:45 AM »
I gave up and just plugged in another router with the address  I can connect to it now. 
I think I'm going to start from scratch with a new image.
Falcon Player (FPP) / DMX on Pi Zero.
« Last post by skulltronix on Today at 11:26:15 AM »
HiI have to save some money.. rather than buy another Pi3 with picap can I get DMX out of a pi zerow?  GPIO pins? Or do I need an adapter?
Sell/Trade / Re: FS: 4-String Diff Rec Board and Diff Expansion Board
« Last post by jeremy0203 on Today at 11:12:30 AM »
still available?
I was looking at either or...
If I start my pixels with the PiCAP OR if I use the PiCAP for the LAST channels.

I like your suggestion of reserving blocks of universes. That would settle everything.

I think what is confusing me is that I still argue with myself, and convince myself that everything has to be in order (no skipped universes).  This is causing confusion in my planning for the possibility of more controllers down the road.

So if I simply said that
PiCAP = Universes 1-10
F4V3 = Universe 11- 75 (for 64 universes, whether I'm actually using them or not)

Whatever controller I get next could start at Uinverse 80 to whatever...

Then I would simply configure only the universes / channels I'm using this year in XLights

Does that sound right?
If you want to make yourself you can get the stuff from Amazon.  Something like these.
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I'm confused with some of that.   Do you want the PiCap universes assigned first, or the F4 channels first?  It works either way, but it does affect the answer as to how you set up each one.

Keep in mind that its fine to configure the F4 with U1 (for the DMX) ...AND... U8-whatever.  In other words, they don't have to be contiguous and they don't have to start at 1.
Also keep in mind that the PiCap has a DMX output port, so you could use that for your HC dumb RGB if you want.

Just a suggestion at this point, you may want to mentally think about saving blocks of universes for each controller.  For example, U1-9 for DMX, U10-19 for PiCap pixels, U20-29 for the F4 pixels, etc.  And if you do that, I would NOT define the unused ones in your sequencer.  Just define the universes you actually use, but mentally (or on paper) you reserve blocks for each controller.
Falcon PiCap / Settings for using the PiCAP AND another controller?
« Last post by shelbydave on Today at 09:06:18 AM »
So I started with a PiCAP, figuring that I would be just running an 8' pixel tree (800 nodes).  I started expanding  past the PiCAP, so I got the F4V3, which should allow me to do all I'm trying to do this year.
I'm looking at how to set up my universes / channels when using both.

The F4V3 will be set to Unicast, and the first Universe out will be DMX to a HC RGB controller, pixels will start on U2 (of the F4V3)

So if I want to reserve 600 pixels per output of the PiCAP, am I thinking this right?

If I START with the PiCAP,  600 pixels per output equals 3600 channels or 7 universes and some change...

So my E131 output would START at Unierse 8 - Channel 3601?  Would the E131 page on the F4V3  also indicate that the first E313 channel would start on Universe 8?

If I decided to NOT use the PiCAP outputs unless I need them, and I start AFTER the F4V3,  would I then start the E131 at channel 1, populate the universes / channels of the F4 starting at 1, then in the PiCAP settings start my string outputs at the first AVAILABLE universe after the F4V3?

I probably won't go any bigger this year... By brain is starting to turn to mush...
Falcon PiCap / Re: Pi with picap gets hotttttt
« Last post by pixelpuppy on Today at 09:03:00 AM »
Is there something Iím doing wrong my pi gets extremely hot to weíre u canít touch it Hot were itís plugged in when I connect the pi and hat together

Is this normal or is something not connected correctly

Not normal.  It sounds like you are powering the PiHat from the Pi and not vice versa.  While this is possible, its probably not the normal way.  Especially if  you are also powering the pixel strings through it.

I would double-check the power jumper settings on the PiHiat and then apply the input power to the Hat, not the Pi.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Warm to Hot Flash Drive on RasPi3B
« Last post by pixelpuppy on Today at 08:59:32 AM »
This is kinda off topic but Iíve had similar issues with my pi hat and pi getting extremely hot where it plugs in the micro USB port is this normal? I havenít left it plugged in long enough to see if it cools down after booting for fear of frying my pi
Not normal.  I will reply in your other post.
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