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F16v2 Pixel Controller / Re: what voltage pixels to use
« Last post by Ebuechner on Today at 07:46:24 AM »
I have a mix of 12v and 5v but I don't use any 5 volt power supplies I run everything at 12 volts and use buck converters to drop down to 5 volts where needed.
F16v2 Pixel Controller / Re: what voltage pixels to use
« Last post by jnealand on Today at 07:40:36 AM »
If you get 100 replies you still just have to pick one and go for it.  My only advice is do not mix.  Use all 12 or all 5.  Personally I am all 12v

These type of threads get very tiring.  A search will bring up multiple arguments one way or the other.
F16v2 Pixel Controller / what voltage pixels to use
« Last post by th182 on Today at 07:01:15 AM »
There are many debate threads regarding 5 vs 12. Last year was my first year in pixels and I did 5v. I have 200 along my eves and injected every strand. However the ones farthest from the controller/PSU don't   perform well at 100% power. The most power is used when the string is white and the far end is off color as it's just too far to get enough juice. Thankfully at 50% they look great and they are still plenty bright.

For this year I ordered 12v pixels. The power injection is easy but just an annoyance in my book. I'd rather not have to worry as much about it so from now on I'm going with 12.

As you will find people are very opinionated and will argue endlessly one way or another. Some run all 5v and love it. Personally I'd recommend 12v just because they are more forgiving when it comes to power.

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I have RGB strips under our cabinets, and had a timer and then converted to home automation with ISY.  I use insteon lamp module to turn on and off now, they come on at dusk and off at dawn. I have the controller preset to slowly roll from color to color, one of the canned settings. It is a simple dumb string controller from Ray, no DMX. The controller has a remote if you want to set to a single color.
I do like the wall plate controller but it is DMX out only. I would go with this plate if I did it again

Im looking to do something a little unordinary.  I'm putting RGBW strip lights under my kitchen cabinets.  I want a nice looking wall plate switch.  I have this on hand:
It has DMX output and some proprietary 2.4Ghz wireless.  To use the wireless, I would need a special controller and wifi bridge that converts between the proprietary 2.4Ghz signal and wifi.  The two combined would cost me about $185.  I need to be able to send a string to an IP address; something like to control the lights via my home automation system (ISY994i).  I was wondering if FPP can do that?  I'd need DMX into the rpi, and then, im assuming, PWM out into the lights or an amplifier.
Any ideas?
The solution is to disable any Unicast controllers that are not currently on the network in E131 output page. Also a search should pull up many threads that describe this problem.
Thanks,  that's a good start. I'll check the lynx express controllers out and see if i can contact Sean via PM.
What was the solution? In case it happens to someone else.
I've found ace hardware has a good assortment of mm hardware.

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Minleon sells the Lynx Express controller. Also get with Sean (smeighan) of Xlights, He has some Lynx Express controllers he would part with I think. 
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