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Learning Center / Re: Basic Set up
« Last post by Poporacer on Today at 10:19:20 PM »
Is the F8B just a controller that can be connecte to a Pi with 8 outputs? Where can you buy and F8B? What is the difference between the F8B and the F8PB?
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Triggering event from sequence
« Last post by CaptainMurdoch on Today at 10:04:50 PM »
I think there may be 2 bugs in xSchedule, one related to the crash and one related to unicast event packets.

In FPP, I had a test event that I had previously created, event 3/2.  I set this up on my development desktop system and a Pi imaged with the 20180315 Alpha SD image.   In xSchedule, I created an playlist and added a single event entry to the playlist.  The event playlist entry has an IP address of and a major ID of 3 and minor of 2.  I saved the playlist and played it and the event fired on both of my remotes.

That scenario worked.  I did get an xSchedule crash if I tried to enter an actual IP address in the IP field instead of using  I rewatched your video and saw your comment about a crash when using a delay of zero, so I changed my delay to 1 second as you did and xSchedule did not crash anymore, but it did not fire the event on the remote either.  So it appears that xSchedule can trigger the event when using broadcast packets of, but doesn't work with unicast, and in fact when using unicast with a delay of zero, xSchedule crashes.  If you can reproduce this on your system where using works, I would report to Keith so he can take a look.
Falcon Group Buys / Re: [GROUP BUY] F8-PB and PocketScroller
« Last post by beatlerat on Today at 09:55:52 PM »
Item                       Qty   Cost        Total
F8-PB                       1       $44        $44.00
PocketScroller           1       $18        $18.00
PocketBeagle            2       $30        $60.00
Shipping                                          $ 7.00
Total                                               $129.00
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Triggering sequences via DMX input
« Last post by CaptainMurdoch on Today at 09:38:32 PM »
FPP doesn't currently support DMX input.  I want to add some things like this, but want to do it as part of a Channel Input framework similar to the Channel Output framework we already have in FPP.  Inputs would include things like the existing E1.31 and DDP along with new ones such as DMX and others.  My thought is to essentially replace bridge mode with Channel Inputs.  That would make Channel Inputs more like the Pixel Overlay functionality allowing you to play a local sequence, but also receive an E1.31 universe and the data would be merged before going to the Channel Outputs.
Learning Center / Re: Basic Set up
« Last post by JonB256 on Today at 08:38:49 PM »
What about the question I posed about a controller like the PiCap but has a few more ouputs? And about the F8B and F8PB?

I have used the F8B and had great success.  Don't have an F8PB (don't need it with two F8Bs and some older F16Bs and F16v2 and F16v3 boards.
I have a LOT of Falcon / FPP hardware. I think the F8PB is about the only one I don't have. :(

Do you have specific questions about the F8B?  It has so many output capabilities that it may seem overwhelming.
The Water Cooler / Re: Who will be the first to get/test a RasPi3B+
« Last post by JonB256 on Today at 08:28:47 PM »

The Pi3 B+ arrived today.  Threw the new image on there and presto... up and going.  I'll just be using this to run the 4, 512x32 matrix panels, and so far, this setup is doing wonderfully at that.  Thanks for getting this new image out there!


You are using two ColorLight boards instead of a single board? It is encouraging that you didn't need a Gbit switch in the mix.
Falcon Group Buys / Re: [GROUP BUY] F8-PB and PocketScroller
« Last post by sctwohig on Today at 07:57:34 PM »

ItemQtyCostTotal Cost
Falcon Player (FPP) / Triggering sequences via DMX input
« Last post by gadgetsmith on Today at 07:32:59 PM »
Special case.  I'm working on a drama club performance and am wondering if there is a way for FPP to react to a DMX input then fire off a sequence.  The DMX source would come from a unit like this:

Not sure this is possible, but thought I would ask.

The other option i'm considering would be to connect an 8 channel DMX relay device like this:  and monitor those 8 pins for a binary combination that would relate to the sequence I want to run.  For example if I want sequence 9 to run I fire relays 1 and 4, which in binary would be 1001000, or 9.

If anyone has suggestions, that would be great.
The static/dhcp issue should have been fixed in 20180315 since it didn't include networkmanager.  It also should be fixed in the updated 20180313 image which removed networkmanager.  The 20180313 image that was originally up for 12 hours or so did include networkmanager and had the issue.

ill try wiping the card tomorrow and downloading 0315
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Triggering event from sequence
« Last post by brichi on Today at 07:14:49 PM »
I would run this as a 'first' and 'last' item in xScheduler if those exist.  FPP v2.0 calls this the Lead In and Lead Out portions of the playlist.  I saw that Keith committed a patch recently to fix remote event firing, but I haven't tried xScheduler myself to know if it is working now.  Do you know if the version you are running includes his latest fixes?

this is the video i made for keith but i still have no real answer on why this is not working. I tried every which way possible and it never triggers the event i created that i know works if i click "trigger" in FPP
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