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Now, I can make a good light show  ;D
Formidable!  ;)

I thought your English was quite good, and much better than my French I'm sure.  But I'll try...

Premiere, Bienvenue sur le forum!
Excusez mon francais. Beaucoup d'annees se sont ecoulees depuis que j'ai etudie le francais a Paris.  :-[
Mais je veux essayer de vous donner une reponse en francais

Le fichier fseq ne contient pas d'audio. Il est necessaire de copier a la fois le fichier fseq et le fichier d'audio vers le FPP


No your French is very good too ;-)

Thank you for both of you two for answer, I thought that the fseq will include audio.

I tried with audio and all working good.  :D

Now, I can make a good light show  ;D
Sell/Trade / Re: 10% off due to fall
« Last post by Charl Marais on Today at 10:52:43 AM »

I get 403
Access to this resource on the server is denied!

Cannot goto your site
The bottom line is everything works with Matrix tools but the Weather message that gets into the message queue never gets displayed on the TV screen.   It "almost works"   :(
My plans were to have FPP display Weather on a 24 inch flat screen TV via HDMI and later to add the sports ticker once everything was working.  I have run into a problem but am unsure what to do next.

After much rework and trouble shooting, I thought I had a problem with Version 1.9 so I did a complete rebuild on v1.8-66-gbaed964 . 
Matrix Tools, Message Queue Aggregator, Message Queue to Matrix Overlay and Weather Plugins were installed. 
Pixel Overlay Model was configured, Virtual Matrix was configured as HDMI-Overlay. 
Plugins were enabled and updated and the Weather API key was installed. the was installed to start GetWEATHER.php and then matrix.php. 
Matrix Tools tested both type/scroll and draw on the HDMI-Matrix without problem.  senda current weather to the message queue but then ends with "Query failed".
Snippits from logs are found in the attched .doc.

What am I missing or forgetting to do?

General Hardware / Re: Power Supply Question
« Last post by rlemery on Today at 06:31:22 AM »
I've had similar problems from Ray on pixels with the pigtails attached. On two different orders the 12v and ground were wired differently.  Unfortunately no matter how much he tries he still is only as good as his personal.  I still will use for all my pixels he is great to work with and quickly makes it right either by replacing the product or giving me a discount on future orders.

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F8-Distro / Re: Weather-resistant enclosure
« Last post by JonB256 on Today at 06:20:52 AM »
I recently used my soldering iron to "melt in" some brass inserts for P10 panels.

Those screw fittlings should "melt out" just as easily.
Has there been any progress on driving these boards from the FPP? Looking forward to going this route for the P10 panels this year.
The thread about FPP 2.0 lists these as an addition.
Sell/Trade / 10% off due to fall
« Last post by AAH on Today at 04:20:27 AM »
  On 11 March 2017 I fell off my pushbike and broke my left collarbone. I'm now essentially off work until late April until further notice. To keep sales ticking along and to share the message that bike cleats are evil I have enabled a 10% discount on orders over $AU50. Just enter the code "cleats_suck" at the checkout and don't forget that bike cleats are evil.
  Everything in my store is eligible including octoscrolla, rPi-28D, DMX36, 2811DC and 2801DC boards, power supplies, hexfuse and everything else. A number of the items already have bulk discounts available on them and the 10% is in addition to that.

A catalogue of (nearly) everything is at
Events/Gatherings / Re: Western NY interest
« Last post by drlucas on March 27, 2017, 10:18:54 PM »
I'm 60miles away - but only by boat!!! I would however be open to crossing the boarder (once my passport renewal finishes up). It's about a 2 1/4hr trip.
If anyone from the Toronto area wants to carpool it may be worth it.

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