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The lights on the relay do light up and I hear clicking noises when i first plug it in, so it is getting power.  Just not communicating.

I am pretty sure I have rebooted it both with and without the relay attached, but I will give it a try again tonight. 


If you are only using F4s (either v2 or v3), then everything is the same for the expansions and you can intermix without any problems.  It is only with F16s that some things aren't compatible.
Tried with a Pi3 running v1.9.

Without the icStation plugged in, I was not getting the ttyUSB0 choice

but when it was connected and rebooted, that choice appeared and then communicated and worked just fine

So, must be connected at boot to be mounted as an option.
What OS Build are you running v1.9 on?

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Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Boscoyo Matrix
« Last post by Aaron Maue on Today at 10:02:26 AM »
If you have them wired in a zig-zag pattern, you need to also have your model set up to do so in xlights.  How do you have your 600-pixel and 552-pixel models set up in xlights?  If you take a pic of those model settings and post it here, we could see if they match.
I think I've seen a post somewhere saying something about one of the expansion boards working differently between the v2 (red) boards and the v3 (white) boards.  Even something about needing to remove one of the pins on one of the boards.

I've also seen some photos with the differential expansion boards connected to F4V2 and F4V3 hardware.  So, maybe I dreamed all this, as I can't seem to find definitive information, but thought I'd ask...

I will have a mix of F4V2 and F4V3 hardware in my setup.  I have also ordered a few of the differential expansion boards and receiver boards that are on their way to me.  Is there anything peculiar that I need to do in order to use the expansion boards with either the F4V2 or the F4V3?
« Last post by dandameron on Today at 09:43:44 AM »
PM sent...
Learning Center / Re: RPi Model A+ wifi?
« Last post by 67comet on Today at 09:25:09 AM »
Got it to work by taking the MicroSD (in SD Adapter), put it in my old Raspbery Pi Model B that is my web/file/media server (yes, that old), and enabled wifi.

Put it back in the Model A+ and it's up and running.

How come FPP wipes all conf files related to normal WiFi details? If I hadn't had an extra LAN connected RPi hooked up, I'm not sure I could have gotten it to work.

Happily learning FPP now, thanks for all the hard work you developer gurus you! WHOOP!

New BBGs are in and Octoscrollers mounted.
I had forgotten that the outputs for P10 now went to 96 panels instead of "just" 64.  Not going that large, though.

Of note, though, is I tried the installation without holding the S2 button.
Using a micro-USB cable to my PC, I was still able to reach the FPP interface using and then run the "install to eMMC" script as normal.
After a "while" the BBG shut down as usual, indicating a successful install.

Worked like a charm. This is nice because holding that S2 button is virtually impossible if a Cape is installed.

Thanks, Dan.
Learning Center / Re: RPi Model A+ wifi?
« Last post by 67comet on Today at 08:50:47 AM »
It's a Model A+, it has no ethernet connection 🤪😀
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Boscoyo Matrix
« Last post by Bill Poteat on Today at 08:23:38 AM »
There are actually 2 strings. One of 600 Pixels and one of 554 pixels in a zigzag pattern.
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