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channel limits
« on: November 25, 2018, 01:51:15 PM »
is there a real or theoretical limit as to a possibility of allowing 1024 pixels per output (3072 channels).It would sure simplify a lot when zoning ones yardthe way it is now is 1024 channels are divided among the 3 banks -
for me that means the first bank of 4 ports has 360 channelsthe second bank of 4 ports is using 540 channelswhich only leaves 124 channels available which for me, means that i have the last bank cooling its heels
what i am asking then, is it a hardware limit that disallows having 1024 pixels per port rather than 1024 channels divided.that would be 147,456 channels (288 universes) for the f48 controller.I am not sure what the limits of the propeller chip are.not to mention the limits of the copper traces, etc
the idea would be that each 4 port receiver could then drive 250 pixels each port or any combination of 1024 pixels that the controller side port would allow. then being able to place the receiver boards 151 - 611 meters (501-2001') away would make deploying data to the yard super easy.
just a thought

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