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System Layout Best Practice Questions
« on: November 22, 2018, 05:01:56 PM »

Test: I'm not sure if the image inserted or not.

System info:
- 6 x WS2811, 18awg, 12Vdc, 100 Nodes per string, 10cm spacing 32ft per string, 66ma max power.
- Falcon set to 30% power for nodes

- How many 100node strings can I do on a channel with power injection and an FAMP inline. 6 strings will be 180ft in total. Will the data signal degrade too much at 70 ft
that I will need to use an expansion board or use another channel on the Falcon. Looks like 3 x 100pixel string would be the upper limit on 18Awg for current at ~2A per string.
- Should I install an expansion board and a power supply after the 3rd string 300 nodel/pixels?
- Do you agree with the nodes set to 30% power that the 350w PS should be sufficient for 600 pixels? Approx 20ma per pixel at 30% white, 600 *20ma=12A, 144W.
- With approx 2A required per string @30% can I make this work or not? How much voltage drop can a 100pixel string take.?

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Re: System Layout Best Practice Questions
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2018, 12:45:17 PM »
I had the same question about building a mega tree. Thinking about this if you are using an F16V3 then 5A per output and 1024 channels. A WS2811 100 node string will consume 5A at full brightness @ 50mA/ea. However, using power injection as your drawing shows between strings then you are creating a parallel circuit. Since the resistances are close to zero then all current or voltage paths are equal. The thing to look for is voltage drop across the 70 ft span. It does not hurt to have power injection every 35ft because the parallel circuit is only limited current wise by the source of 12V power. 350W ~ 30A @12VDC in this case. You will see the most voltage drop at full node brightness at the end of the string!
For my mega tree I am going to inject power every 100 nodes. Also remember that data wise you are limited to about ~341 nodes per output. The FAMPS will boost data signal easily to 40 ft. Be careful using multiple power supplies, make sure the +V are parallel to each other and have a -V commonly shared between them. Also I would fuse the injection points.
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Re: System Layout Best Practice Questions
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2018, 02:13:43 PM »
Confused why you have the differential board in your diagram.  Each output of the falcon board should be able to do 1024 pixels so if you have 6 strings of 100 each that is fine data-wise from the falcon.  You would likely need to inject power every 200 nodes if you run 30%.. maybe each 100.. depends on voltage drop due to distance.  Running at 30% power should allow you to do every 200.  20ft could be ok from falcon board to first pixel.. depends on wire and conditions.  Really only way is to wire up quick and test it otherwise toss in a null pixel or fAMP.  I find that you can get about 10ft between the pixels themselves on average before needing to boost data signal but the signal directly from the board can go farther.


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