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F-Amp with Power Insertion...


Does anyone make an F-Amp with Power insertion? In most cases, I would think where you would want an F-Amp you would also want to do power insertion. I'm thinking of a board similar to the current F-Amp, but with a two pin power connector similar to what is on the Falcon Power Distribution board for inserting power at the F-Amp.

The amp boards like F-Amp, uAmp, my Null Pixel Buffer (Nulls) etc are typically located closer to the source of the pixel data rather than at the end closest to the pixels. Power injection is typically better off being supplied as close as possible to the pixels. In the case of the testing I did with my Nulls I was locating it a few metres after the source pixel and 30m from the destination. Injecting power at this point is of little benefit especially if low copper cable like security or Cat5 cable is being used for the data and the power is mainly being provided by power injection.


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