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Using TV for tune to sign, need guidance

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As this year's show runs I've planned a project for next year to replace my tune to sign.
While working in garage I was tired of moving around 2 LED flat screens I inherited when a family member moved. Both are 32" Vizio and work fine.
My wife is a whiz with Microsoft and Powerpoint and suggested making a PowerPoint video, putting on USB and playing on TV. That works but it has to be started up each time TV is powered down.
So my question to the tech experts is how to come up with a better and EASIER method. Trying to avoid BBB, Pi, Octoscrollers and all manner of additional parts and pieces and cables and programming and etc etc etc.

I do realize I may be pissing up a rope of hopelessness but then again, someone may be doing exactly that right now.
All I want to display is alternating screen of tune to frequency and one with show times.
All info and tips appreciated or even nudges in new directions to try.

Thanks again.



--- Quote from: taintedsaint on December 18, 2018, 06:49:59 AM ---Trying to avoid BBB, Pi, Octoscrollers and all manner of additional parts and pieces and cables and programming and etc etc etc.

--- End quote ---

Why?  A Raspberry Pi is cheap and a really good solution for something like this with no additional hats/caps/capes needed. It would also allow you to sequence other effects on the TV (like Song name/artist along with Tune To frequency)

You can use a simple Pi to run a video and trigger that from whatever you are using to play your show currently, whether that is FPP, xScheduler, or Vixen.  Jon Chuchla did something similar to what you are talking about, so you may want to look for posts from him describing his setup.

Thanks guys. I'll look Jon up and see how he did it. Been reluctant to introduce yet more devices, even simple as a Pi, as I'm not the "tech guy". I know everyone talks about how easy it is etc but most of them have a learning start I simply don't have.
Guess I'll put on my big boy pants and give it a fair shake.
I did find that many newer TVs have native ability to auotplay looped mp4 from USB (Samsung is a good one) but the TVs I inherited are a few years old.
Thanks for the help.

Your profile doesn't list where you are from....

If you are in a "cold weather" state, I'd be very reluctant to use a TV for this unless you can keep it indoors and project out a window or something.   The LCD part of the display is likely not designed to drop to sub-zero temperatures.   Most TV's have an operating range of about 50-90 degrees with storage ratings down to about 0.   I really doubt a TV would work well at all in New England where it could drop to -10 or even lower.   


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