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Pixel data health checker


Has anyone ever thought about a device that could be added mid pixel string or at the end of a pixel string that could monitor the health of the data and voltage and report that back to a operations center or dashboard app?

The idea is, I want to know the health of my lights before issues arise, having to setup cameras or look outside.

Interesting...something that could quantify the “quality” of the data coming out of the last pixel...


--- Quote from: Bwinter on December 29, 2018, 12:52:14 PM ---Interesting...something that could quantify the “quality” of the data coming out of the last pixel...

--- End quote ---

My best guess on this is you could measure the following:
- ratio of data:no_data
- voltage

Dont think you can actually measure the quality as the data is regenerated at every pixel so if its bad at the last pixel im not sure anything would be forwarded to the device.

Still a cool idea and I think it would be useful.

I think there are varying degrees of data-quality that gets transmitted (which is observable by varying degrees of pixel malfunction).  And I’ve seen on an oscilloscope where line-drivers/Amps “clean up” the data signal.  If there was a way to quantity how clean the data is.

And yes, ability to monitor end-of-strand voltage would be nice too.  Sure would beat climbing a ladder, sticking probes into the end, and watching for peak/trough voltage variance during a sequence.

Considering the specification for the pixel data flow (each pixel removing its data and passing on the rest), if it was the end of the string and the string was setup correctly, would show no data.  Perhaps a new constant to add one extra pixel of data at the end of each strand/output would be enough to "tell" the monitor that data made it all the way through.

As far as remote measurement of power at the last pixel, that is an intriguing idea.  Unfortunately with multiple power injections happening on some strings today, it may not be a true measure.  I would, however, be interested in seeing how well this does or does not work in real life. 

It would be a great help when you have display items "all over the place" for sure.


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