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BBB and P5 Panels
« on: January 01, 2019, 09:20:48 PM »
I have spent the better part of the day reading pretty much every topic on the BBB board here trying my best to learn.  I have a very good understanding of how things work and this weekend I will have the BBB loaded with the FP. 

I think a full picture of the display would give a better understanding of where I am going.  I use Season Greeters animatronics which include a snowman and two elves.  I just felt like they were under used this year so next year I with be building a 4x8 stage that the animatronics will be on.  The stage will feature moving head lights, pixel bulbs, smoke and in the front of all of it with be a 4x2 matrix made of P5 panels. 

Reading today I got concerned about running these panels via the BBB and an octoscroller.  The matrix would display a lot of video and definitely animations and I would like to run it in bridge mode from a PC.  Is this feasible to run 2121 P5 panels this way?  If so, would it be best to put all 8 panels on individual ports of the scroller?

My next question involves multiple BBB.  Here's why....

On the stage I had planned smaller 1x2 P5 matrix panels on either side of the animatronics, so there would be two.  Just based on the distance between them I had thought it would be best to run the main matrix with one BBB and the other two smaller ones on another BBB.  What is the communities thoughts on this setup?

Thanks in advance everyone.  Looking to get things started this weekend and place panel orders in the next few days.


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