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2018 Halloween + Christmas Shows powered with a Falcon PiCap running 1594 pixels

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Bos Lights:
Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to share my 2018 Halloween + Christmas Shows powered with a Falcon PiCap.

Nicely done!

1 PiCap?

Bos Lights:
Yes thatís right running 1594 pixels of of one PiCap ;D

and still more room for more as they removed the soft limit some time ago last year. You can go over 1000 per output.   Note that longer strings will have a slower refresh rate.  You can run up to 40fps (25ms timing) if you have less than ~800 pixels per frame.  Using 20fps (50ms timing) lets you go up to ~1600 pixels per frame.

Thanks for the information...
I am really gun shy when it comes to large numbers of pixels off of any single port of any controller. One bad pixel and whole sections of the display go down until fixed. 
With the number of pixel repairs that were required this year, I definitely can not do one long string.  Not saying anyone else should not, as it works for many.  Just not here.  :|


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