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12v car power to gpio input - opto isolator?

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Im running an rpi with pi cap on my RZR Offroad utility vehicle. Im going to pull a +12v wire from the brake light circuit to control a gpio input.

I think I need an opto isolator like this circuit:
It needs to be pretty tough because of all the bouncing around it will experience so Id like to find a breakout board thats already made. If not I can make it but would rather not.
Has anyone found something like that?
Will I need the debouncing cap?
Am I missing a simpler solution?


I think what you are describing would work, here's another example without the debouncing cap:

The only other thing that I can think of would be a relay, but I'm not sure that is simpler and it could be bouncing around when offroad. :) You may be able to find a small pre-made board with an opto isolator on it on sparkfun somewhere.  I saw several when googling for a solution but didn't look at the details on them.

I've looked over there and this is the closest thing I can find:
Not sure if it would work or not; because the extra transistors are confusing me.  The schematic is here:

I'm leaning towards just building it myself on a proto-board and using a couple 6N137 opto's.  I need at least two inputs to control the falcon player.

I've done up a quick schematic that is similar to the one you linked to, but with revised values.


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