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Hello all. Just keeping a log of how my build is going. Feedback is welcome.

The first pic shows the basic layout. I went a different route than most by turning the box on its side. This way it gives me much more room to allow every cable to go through its own gland. And hopefully this will also make is easier to get to those pesky fuses.

Second pic is how I attached the boards. Instead of using your typical nylon screws, I just used zipties with nylon spacers under each hole.

Third pic is of the from where the cross marks designate the gland holes to be drilled.

Lastly, the 3M Dual Lock velcro is the best you will ever use!

Like I said, feedback is welcome since I'm so early in the build I can change almost anything.

To save you drilling time in the future you could use larger glans. I use two large ones to run the pigtails out. works fine and a lot less holes to drill.

I know but I was trying to see if this way makes it easier to get to the fuses on the F16.

Based on my experience it will not make it easier to get to the fuses since the cables will totally obsure the fuses and even the connector numbers when you are trying to fix stuff.  I think I am going to stick with my marine battery boxes as they are much easier to get into and out of, but then I only have an F16 and a Pi in there and no distros or expansion boards.  I bought an ammo box and have lots of glands available, but based on my ease of use experience I'm not sure I am going to use it.  Even putting it away for storage means all those pigtails are hanging out of the box and interfere with stacking things nice and neat on my shelfs.  YMMV.  I'll be reading future posts here.  Maybe I'll change my mind yet again.


--- Quote from: Xmas! on January 11, 2019, 05:38:40 PM ---I know but I was trying to see if this way makes it easier to get to the fuses on the F16.

--- End quote ---

It sucks having to get at the fuses. I had to unplug 1/2 the cables to get to them. I labeled all the pigtails inside the enclosure just for this issue. It makes it much easier plugging them back in if you ever need to unplug them.


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