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Intro to the PocketScroller
« on: January 29, 2019, 10:59:36 AM »
The PocketScroller was designed to leverage the power of a PocketBeagle to drive P10 and P5 LED panels.  The PocketBeagle is a smaller version of a BeagleBone Black that strips off a bunch of functionality (like HDMI ports, eMMC, etc...), but still provides the same PRU's, SD card, etc...

PocketScroller Capabilities:
  • 6 HUB75 Connectors/Outputs - each can driver 12 P10 panels or 4/5 P5 panels
  • PocketScroller boards starting with v1.1 have an "E" address line.  This allows it to drive 1:32 scan panels.
  • SD card with the latest FPP image
  • USB network adapter, either Wifi or Ethernet, that is supported by Linux.
Supported FPP Versions:
PocketScroller support was added to the BBB LED Panels page in FPP for FPP 2.0.   All versions of FPP since 2.0 support it.

  • While the 1.1 versions of the PocketScroller DO support 1:32 scan panels, they are not recommended.   Because only 1/32 of the panel is on at any time, they have a lot of flicker if more than one or two are connected per output.   Thus, you cannot drive many of them.   

PocketScrollers are available from dkulp's store on Tindie: or directly from him (PM him)
They will also be available as part of a group buy in early 2019.
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