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Anybody used any of these? (3 wire, lever action butt splice)



I'm not impressed.  Looks kinda interesting and potentially convenient, but I would not overly trust it for outdoor applications.  Nothing there to keep moisture out of it.

Those look like "WAGO" connectors that I use for inside wiring and like them much better than wire nuts.  They also look much better than the ones I've used below. 
Neither style is weather-resistant so not great for outside long-term but I have used these for the quick-fix outside at night and replace with a more permanent splice later....

It is the "quick fix" for 3-wire pixels that most interested me. Doing a solder/shrink/crimp fix while the show is running is never great. These looked great for splicing in a few replacement pixels until you can get to it in the daylight.

As far as water proofing goes, when you are talking 5vdc or 12vdc, it isn't nearly as critical as many folks make it. Unless you live in a salt water spray environment, these would cause no problems short term.

They aren't cheap, though. They're $1 each if you buy 10. Even if you buy 50, its high - but they can be removed and re-used repeatedly.

I agree Jon.  Great for quick fix and rain water is not a huge concern with low voltage and short term use.  I like the better (and more $$) WAGO brand for longer-term inside wiring.  The ones in my picture are the "el cheapo" version for about 0.25 each and I do use them for quick pixel slicing just to keep things running through the night and do better splicing in the daytime.


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