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Decided to spin up a proposal for a new Stack Exchange for holiday lighting! As a fan of other SE sites (like StackOverflow), I thought this would be a neat way to provide a place for other holiday lighting enthusiasts to ask questions and vote on best answers. This would also give everyone and easy way to search and source commonly asked questions. Here is a link to the exchange where you can start asking and answering questions! Be sure to follow it so it can work it's way to the next phase!

So the first small hurdle here is getting past the initial proposal requirements. Iíve provided 5 sample questions already, but Iím needing 5 people to help by following the proposal. Would be great to get some experts in there who can help answer questions that come up. Otherwise it wonít be very helpful.  :)

I can't speak for anyone but me and I have no idea what stack exchange is, but I can tell you is that there are more places to post and get answers these days than I ever believed would be possible when I did my first animated lighting show 12 yrs ago.  I am burned out on way to many places as it is.

As Jim said! Agreed.

I've removed the proposal.


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