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how many leds before injecting more into the series?


I am using a ready to run falcon controller and I am injecting power through a power supply. looking at buying one or two of the f-8's. So how many pixels will each port of the F-8 inject power into. I currently use 8192 pixels for reference.

Thank you


I think your terminology is off. No controller injects power. They only supply data and normally supply power at the same time. A controller can only supply a certain amount of power and if your light configuration uses more power that the controller (and wiring) can supply, then you can supplement the power through power injection. Power injection is where you will connect power usually in the middle of the string or end of the string. Depending on your configuration, you might have to inject power in more than one place in the string.
If you have an F16 Ready to Run controller, then that is more than enough to control your 8192 pixels. It can handle 16,000 pixels (power injection required) The F8 can control over 5,600 pixels, again, power injection may be needed.

Since this is in the F8 distro seciton and not on the F8 controller section I suspect you are referencing the distro board.  However Rick is correct the F16 will easily handle all your pixels.  If you are like me you will use two power supplies with one connected to the left side and one to the right side.

LOL, I guess I should pay a little more attention! Oops.
So in regards to how many pixels each port can inject power is a little complex. Each port is rated at 5 amps. Each 12v LED uses approximately .72 watts and if you are using 12V pixels at 100% brightness, constant on, then that is roughly 80 pixels. But they are not always on and you might not run them at 100% brightness

This pixel power calculator is a great way to get an idea of how often you should inject power based on your pixel count, voltage, brightness, distance and wire gauge:


There is also a great article on the same site that will give you a better idea of how to use the calculator tool and understanding power injection in general:



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