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Simple Xmas lights?
« on: May 30, 2019, 10:52:56 PM »
Hey guys,

Wanted to pick some brains for some ideas here. Looking to do a very simple installation for the front of the house. Basically a permanent installation that is clean and not trashy looking

Thinking of running aluminum LED channel with an opaque white cover (straight down or at a 45 degree) right under the gutters. We have all aluminum soffit, facia, gutters (black)
So either the U1BW or the V1SW

Not sure what you guys have all seen.

I've seen one pro install that had puck light style pixels spaced every 9" right on the soffit (looked like they have a custom aluminum channel made up that acted as the cabling run and the LEDs mounted in to. Looked good as it blends to the soffit
I really liked this, but don't know how a guy could pull that off!


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