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DDP Firmware Upgrade?


Hello all,

I am wondering if we can expect an updated firmware for F4/F16/F48 controllers that support the DDP protocol? Based off of the testing I've done with the DDP, it makes me want to switch everything over this season but I won't be able to make a complete switch without my Falcon controllers natively supporting DDP. When can I expect to see this update? And is there some sort of loophole where I can send DDP to the Pi's and have them output E1.31 directly to the controllers? (Haven't tried it out in testing to see if it'd work our not).


I hope to talk to Dave about this a bit more next week at the Expo.   At one point months ago, he agreed to do it, but I haven't heard anything. 

For the second part, if you flip the Pi over to master and are using the latest xLights, this is now completely "automatic".   On the Pi, you would configure the IP of the Falcon in the "Proxies" page and then in the e1.31 settings in xLights, tell xLights that the Pi is the proxy for the Falcon's IP and then when you turn on output to lights, it will automatically send DDP data to the Pi which the Pi (running in bridge mode) will then send out to the Falcon.


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