Author Topic: xLights + F48 + LOR CTB16 - 'FPP Connect' not working as expected  (Read 238 times)

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Hello all,

I've slogged through 10-12 hours of Youtube videos & trolling the xLights & FalconChristmas forums, but can't find an answer for this...

I'm planning on migrating my show this year from all LOR controllers/software to 1 F48 + 5 LOR CTB16 AC controllers & xLights.  The LOR controllers will be daisy chained off one of the F48 serial ports. Fortunately it seems, my OCD helped prep me for this as my LOR controllers are all numbered sequentially and there are no missing channels in the sequences. 

I'm running xLights 2019.35.  I defined a single E131 controller on Universe 97 with 80 channels on address proxyed via (the FPP master).  I also added a NULL contoller for a P10 panel I'll be building this year.  I've successfully defined my models in xlights on #97:1 - #97:80, and imported a couple of sequences and they play correctly in the xLights sequence tab.

I've received my new Raspberry Pi & Falcon controllers, and successfully installed FPP 2.7.2 on the Pi.  As a test, to ensure I was actually understanding everything, I tried updating just the models on the FPP via xLights' "FPP Connect".  I expected the models to all show up in the FPP Channel Output E131 page, but there was nothing there.  I've run the FPP Connect several times, and nothing shows up in the Output Channels. 

I started looking through the fppd log, and noticed many messages like the following

2019-07-19 23:43:12 (5849) PixelOverlay.cpp:713:Initializing Channel Memory Map Pixel Map 'BB1'
2019-07-19 23:43:12 (5849) PixelOverlay.cpp:719:Invalid config for 'BB1' Memory Map Block

So, I checked the Pixel Overlay Models, and sure enough I do see all my models defined, and on the Start Channel I expect them on.

What I don't understand is why they are showing up in the Overlay page and not showing up on the E131 Output list.  I thought it had to do with there being nothing in the "Controller Connection" section of the models, so I updated one of the model's settings to
Port:1, Protocol: DMX, dmx Channel: 1, and reran the FPP Connect, but to no avail.  Everything is still in the Pixel Overlay section on FPP, and nothing in the Output Channels.

Attached are the images as xLights & FPP are configured after the last "FPP Connect"

Any hints you could pass my way will be much appreciated!!

Thanks, Trace Wilson
Jacksonville, FL


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