Author Topic: Original Falcon 16 (and probably lots of other boards w/chips)  (Read 536 times)

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Well, I'm working on this years show and powered-on one of my original Falcon 16 boards (worked great last year). The pixelnet light came on, but then went out (normal).

I connected a cable from one of my ETD's to the 'pixelnet in' on the board, but the pixelnet light wouldnt't light (and had no pixelnet out, either).

After some cable troubleshooting (cables were all good), I thought I would need to re-program the pic or the board... but before I did that, I re-set all of the chips on the board and voila, everything worked !!

So, if this happens to someone else, try re-setting the board chips before you try something else... must've been some small amount of corrosion (not common in Colorado) on one of the pins... go figure...



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