Author Topic: xLights/Nutcracker 3.2.1 released  (Read 717 times)

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xLights/Nutcracker 3.2.1 released
« on: September 13, 2013, 06:58:49 AM »
3.2.1 released. Some bug fixes and the model screen now shows start and ending channels.


3.2.1:  Sep 12,2013 - Enhancement: (Frank). In the Model section you now see start and end channels, not just start
               - Bug: (Sean). When exporting HLS sequences if the number of channels was not evely divisible by 3, xLights would crash. Fixed.
               - Enhancement: (Frank). Switched the grids for start channel and custom model to be in scrolling windows so that larger data sets can be handled.
               - Bug: (Matt). Smart RGB arches are only producing a single channel. Fixed
               - Enhancement: (Matt). F1 will bring up help if you are in the Profile tab
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