Author Topic: Falcon Smart String Utility with this years TM1804 IC led pixel modules from Ray  (Read 1855 times)

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I was reprogramming some of my SSCs with Smart String Grouping Firmware 1.0.9 for reusing them this year. I have just received a new shipment of TM1804s from Ray this year for use in some new elements.

After I programmed the SSCs I connected them up to these new TM1804s to do some testing.

I ran a hardware test with both LSP and xLights and discovered that when I selected Blue the rectangles turned Green and when I selected Green the rectangles turned Blue. At first I thought I had missed something in the programming process and so went over the programming and verified that I had both LSP and xLights set up properly.

Then I decided to test with some of my star elements from last year that had TM1804s acquired last year using the newly programmed SSCs. UhOh. They worked as expected.

It looks like the latest version of TM1804s possibly have different programming requirements. OUCH!

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I have verified that the DLA linked 1804 rectangles have changed from previous version. The new ones have green and blue swapped. Use the DLA 1809 flex strip type to get correct colors. I will put out an update to SSC software to allow you to select a second DLA 1804 rectangle.
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