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Introducing the free Falcon PI Player (E131 output)
« on: April 20, 2013, 04:32:55 PM »
MykroFt and I have have been working on software that runs on the 35.00 Raspberry Pi. The software is called the Falcon Pi Player(FPP). We will be offering it for FREE to all. A small SD memory card and a cheap USB flash thumb drive are needed. Both are about $5.00 - $10.00.

Features of the software.
* Outputs at least 128 Universes of E131
* Plays music files and outputs audio on 3.5mm jack.
* Embedded web page configuration.
     Setup playlists, schedules, upload sequence and music files. Setup optional RDS feature.
* Uses a user defined NTP server to keep accurate time.
* FTP Server (Optional)
     Can be used to transfer files to player. FTP transfers of 64 MB sequence files are averaging 10 seconds.
* Optional Server and Client operation by using inexpensive USB wireless interface in each.
   Using USB wireless card in both server and clients will allow E131 data to be transmitted on hard wired interface
   and have all sync information sent on wireless interface. Allowing for a small amount of data on the wireless sync network.
   USB network interfaces are about $10.00.
* Optional RTC clock board if NTP is not available.
* Optional RDS ASCII output.
*Play video on 1080p HDMI output.
* Client and slave will be same software just a configuration change.
* Output up to 32768 channel for Pixelnet, 6144 channels of DMX. 12 RS-485 circuits. (Optional Falcon Pixelnet/DMX board (FPD) needed)
Xilights is used to convert sequence data to FPP file format.

If you have any other feature requests let us know.

If you have any other feature requests let us know.
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