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how are people mounting their P10 matrices?

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Hello all,

Selling two houses and moving and trying to figure out how to put the 16 panels I bought last year into a matrix. I am not seeing much more than the hand built wood with lexan covers. Anyone found anything online that might be quick and easy?

I found these:

but I am not sure if anyone else has tried these or had any success with other similar options.

So anyone want to share some pics of how they have assembled their matrices?

Thank you,



Please see reply 17 on the post below where I had some pictures. I used a plywood backing , but as I said if I had to do it again , I would use plastic or Perspex so that I could then see where the holes are required to be mde exactly.

With 16 panels , you may wish to consider two separate supports


Also on that forum , there are a number of posts where people have supplied 3D templates to make brackets to screw the panels together (ie folks are printing their own 'brackets' at home). As it appears that there are different panels being supplied from different vendors with different screw hole positions , you need to be sure which one matches yours.

I definitely used plywood (3mm thick), but others have used a grid of Steel cross pieces and the magnets (tomwb301).

There are several styles of P10 panels and several sizes, so the 3D printed brackets are possible but very custom.

To get my mounting holes "perfect" I used the bare frame of a P10 panel and Mounted each one at a time, using the frame as a drill template. I didn't mark and drill, I actually drilled through the threaded holes of the frame (didn't damage the threads). You can get to the frame by removing all those tiny tiny tiny screws.

Thanks Everyone!

Here is a really helpful thread that I found close by:

How knew that smoking some panels was the term to search for  :o



--- Quote from: JonB256 on July 21, 2015, 06:03:02 PM ---
There are several styles of P10 panels and several sizes, so the 3D printed brackets are possible but very custom.

--- End quote ---

Across both styles that Ray Wu carries the holes spacing and positions are EXACTLY the same and the 3D print bracket designs now fit both styles.
these make a very clean and structured array
this photo has a slightly older version of the 3D design

This one shows the back of a 2x4 array

And the front

Using lightweight outdoor rated pine makes this frame design reasonable light weight and easy to handle.


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