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Beta testers wanted for Pixelnet DMX bridge.

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David Pitts:
This board will convert a Pixelnet universe into 5 DMX outputs. An optional RDS output is also going to be included with this board in a future release of the firmware output. I am buying 10 boards and I am looking for beta testers. Contact me if you are interested. BOM will be made available soon.

Hi, Dave-
I am happy to help with testing. Thanks.

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is this a stand alone board or does it plug onto another pcb?

David Pitts:
This is a stand alone board.

I will also step in for testing. What PIC does it use? DIP or surface mount?

Can I assume that if you only need one or two DMX outputs, you could just not populate the unneeded outputs with RS485 chips and sockets?

and that it has a Pixelnet Out jack for daisy chaining?



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