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Falcon Christmas Chat
« on: August 23, 2015, 03:04:07 AM »
 A fair number of Falcon Christmas members are known to frequent the ACL chat. It's a great resource as well as being something of a resource hog. As ACL has been having the odd few issues over the past week or so I've been using FC chat to talk to David Pitts about pcb stuff on his latest board and for a general chat with a few people.
 What I have noticed is that the ACL chat while almost identical has a few niceties that 1 of the gurus over here might implement.
1) on the forum is there is something that indicates the number of people in chat and who is in there
2) within chat the "back to forum" is actually a link that allows the forum to be opened without closing chat
3) there is also a link to the wiki which is great if you are talking a noob through a problem
4) it's not a huge issue if there's not many people in chat but something that Ryan at ACL implemented was an additional sound for PM/whispers. I personally find this great as if anyone is wanting me they can send a PM in chat and the notification sound allows me to hear that I have a message from nearly anywhere in the house.

If chat should become more popular on FC I'm wondering if David or whoever does web side of things here can have a look at the network traffic and see if it also skyrockets due to chat.


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