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Lone Star Holidays 2014 Academy
« on: October 13, 2013, 08:20:07 PM »
Happy October Everyone!
As we all gear-up for Halloween (and the looming Christmas season!) we wanted to remind you to register for the 2014 Academy (July 11-13, 2014).  As we mentioned at this years event, we need people to register as early as possible-make this a part of your 2014 summer planning!  It is difficult for us to plan-accordingly if we do not have good registration numbers until 6 weeks before the doors open.  Thats what happened in 2013, so we need to make that a thing of the past this year!

Why should you register now?  There are a few good reasons

First and foremost, the Academy has ALWAYS been the premiere holiday event for education.  There is nowhere else where you have the opportunity to learn so much.  We work a year in-advance to develop topics you love and recruit the finest talent available to teach.  This year, we have several tracks being created to help take your holiday decorating to a new level:

Starting from Scratch: Everyone has to begin somewhere, so people want (and need!) to have a starting point. With many advanced-level items on the Academy schedule, it is important to provide information for those folks who would love to attend to get their holiday craziness started. We are building an entire track of high-level classes that will help you (or someone you know who wants to) get a foot into the holiday hobby waters. THEN they can move-on to the more in-depth topics throughout the remainder of the event.

Hardware Options: This track will focus on the many hardware options available for holiday decorators. We will discuss commercial options, new technology, and DIY solutions. We will focus on ALL options, not just the regulars. If you want to see new/different options, or just hear more details about those you are familiar with, these classes will be perfect for you.

Software Solutions: Whether you are a DIYer or you use a commercial hardware option, every decorator has to make a decision on how to control everything. There are a myriad of solutions out there that help you develop your display. From light control to audio editing, this track will share details, tips and tricks to increase your knowledge and make your holiday life easier.

Working with Props: We have all seen a prop that makes us think Id like to do that but how is it done? Some feedback from last year has helped us to develop this track of sessions that will show-off both specific props and more-general topics that lead to prop-building. Expect to see some great props up close from some of the most creative minds in the hobby.

Interactive Elements: There is more to the holiday hobbies than just turning-lights-on or building the next great prop for your displays. This group of classes will focus on how to interact with your audience, working within your community, costuming and makeup, and holding events.

Let There Be LIGHTS!:  LED? Incandescent? RGB? Smart strings? What do all of these mean and how do you use them in a display? This course will focus on these questions and beyond. We will discuss how to select the perfect lights for YOUR display, how to use them with your hardware, and how to hang lights on just about everything (house, trees, etc).

In addition to the educational components, the Academy welcomes holiday vendors to attend and share their products with our attendees.  Whether its the newest in lighting or supplies to make your display bigger and brighter, the vendors who attend the Academy are on-site to provide you with show specials, product debuts, and all of the holiday excitement you can imagine. This year, we have experienced incredible vendor excitement, which is great for all of us! Check-out the list of vendors who are contracted to appear (not to send door-prizes or say that they might show up, but committed to attend and see all of you):

Sychronized Christmas
Radiant Holidays
Holiday Coro
San Devices
Holiday Yard Art
Light Show Pro/Minleon
Crafty Cat Designs
Gordon Lights
Falcon Christmas

As you can see, the 2014 Academy is shaping-up quickly and you do NOT want to miss out. Registration is only $60 for all three days (July 11-13, 2014) but that price does go-up as we get closer. Also, we do more than one Early Bird drawing so make sure youre in the pool for those--you could be attending for free! Register today by CLICKING HERE

We hope to see you there. Happy EVERYTHING!

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Re: Lone Star Holidays 2014 Academy
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2013, 04:10:59 PM »
Having attended this last summer I can say it is easily one of the best run and most informative events I have ever attended.  They did a great job all around, lots of different classes in lots of very diverse areas of decorating.  Looking forward to an expansion in the DIY areas with a more diverse option of controllers and softwares.


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Re: Lone Star Holidays 2014 Academy
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2014, 07:34:38 PM »
I posted in the wrong one. Sean or David or anyone else going to the Conroe Texas Academy need any help let me know. I'll do anything for you guys or girls. If something needs to be built. I'll do it. What ever I can do to help out. 

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