Author Topic: Aether II problem from the 2014 co-op  (Read 760 times)

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Aether II problem from the 2014 co-op
« on: September 03, 2015, 08:40:09 AM »
Since all the hardcore diyla guys are over here now and diyla is pretty much a shell of it's former self.

Got around to assembling the 3 Aether II from 2014 group buy this last week.

Found the pics were not programmed (did not see that mentioned in the co-op posting)

Flashed them with the test sequence downloaded from diyla (hex id did not match the checksums )

All three worked great, BGRW or whatever order they go in.

Changed firmware to the operational one (checksum did not match on the download).  Modified the start address in address 2800 powered them up and nothing.

Eventually went and got some regular lights and confirmed the Etd and the Active Hub were functioning

Reflashed a few times and still nothing, they would come on to their "random" color with absense of signal like the do, but would not respond to xlights testing alternating.

Went and got a known good Aether II from 2013, plugged it straight to he hub and on off on off on off, no problems.

Daisy chain it through the New Aethers and nothing.

Re-hook straight to hub, blink blink blink no problem.

go through all 3 new ones, all have the same issue.

Post on DIYLA, suggested to pull the RS485 chip

Was able to get the original one to blink with a daisy chain with no RS485 in the new aether.

Pulled chip and pic out of old aether, put in new aether.  Works fine

Pulled pic out put original pic back in, works fine.

Pull my OLD RS485 chip out, put new one back in, doesn't work.

Verify in other new ones that OLD RS485 works, new ones don't

Put NEW RS485 into old aether, won't work.  Put old chip back in, works fine.

SO, I didn't see a litany of hand wringing on DIYLA about bad RS485 chips, any of you hard core fellows build your 2014 Aether II's and have no issues?

I have ordered some RS485 off ebay last night that are the same part number on the case of the original 2013 Aether II chip, only the bottom number varies which I would guess is a batch number.



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