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Reseting DIYLEDExpress bridge
« on: October 12, 2015, 01:06:07 PM »
Help, I need to try and reset my DIYLEDExpress bridge ip address.  I was able to access it and changed the ip address to to be in line with my other controler.  When I go back and try and log into it I can no longer see or find it. 

I went to the  instructions page and found this:

Temporary Manual Address Overide
When you are troubleshooting the E1,31 bridge, it is possible to force the IP address of the unit to use another setting by using the MODE and RESET buttons at power up. If you press the MODE and RESET buttons at the same time and hold down the MODE button while you release the RESET button you can temporarily change the IP address mode. You must release the MODE button after the correct number of flashes listed below to activate that mode.
Overide Flash Count
# of Flashes
Temporary Overide IP Status
1   No Change.
2   The last saved STATIC IP address is enabled
3   DHCP IP address is enabled.

I have tried this several times and I don't know if I'm not counting the flashes correctly or whats up.  Are there breaks between the flashed ie 1 flash then a break, than 2 flashes a break  etc or do you just release it after the correct number of flashes?  Any ideas?

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