Author Topic: Introducing the Falcon-16 Pixelnet Controller  (Read 7395 times)

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Introducing the Falcon-16 Pixelnet Controller
« on: May 02, 2013, 05:25:00 PM »
The Falcon-16 pixelnet controller board is an all-in-one controller that will handle up to 16 pixel strings with a distance of 20feet or more. This board is capable of controlling 2 pixelnet universes. The Falcon-16 is a complete solution eliminating the need to purchase the 16SSCs and related cabling and connectors.  The software and Firmware for the Falcon-16 allows you to do custom grouping so you are able to change the number of pixels in a group on the fly during your sequence.

Requires power supply and EtherDongle to work.

Single microcontroller design.
16 170+ node strings off one microcontroller.
Controller ID. Used to address controller to program strings settings in the yard. Up to 64 controllers can be addressed via 6-pin dip switch.
All sorts of different advanced grouping features.
Ability to read from two Pixelnet Universes (selectable - 1&2, 2&3, 3&4, 1&4). Any string can use the channels within the two universes selected.
Powered with two 30amp power supplies. (Ray sells Meanwells for $32 each or $20 generic brand)
Mini-Blade fuses for easy changeout
Advanced software interface which allows you to configure all controllers by using the unique ID of each controller. The software allows you to save and retrieve settings for all controllers from a user selectable file. Will be able to reprogram controller that is out in the display.
Ability to control TM18XX and WS2811 strings.
Active pixelnet output (optional with minimum additional parts).
Power Status LEDs per output.
LED to indicate controller is receiving Pixelnet.
Jumper to place controller in test mode.
Swappable resister networks used to fine tune data signal.
Size 7.5 x 5.5 inches
Hole pattern for CG-1500 case. (Possibly can fit controller and both power supplies in a CG-1500)
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