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I've been trying to get into the set up page but it won't allow me to do so. My controller is connected to my router and even tried connecting directly to the laptop nothing happen. The current IP address is firmware v1.01. Do I need to update it to v1.04. Any help to get me going will be much appreciated. Thanks

David Pitts:
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So did u ever get it going?    Im having the same issue.  Everything is where it needs to be but when i go to look for it on the web..  Nothing.   I figured if you got it going you could give me sum pointers. 


Windows 10

Lots of folks have this working.  Rather than resurrect an old thread you should just start a new thread and include screen shots of your network configs from the Pi.  Without more info it would be hard to help you, kinda like shooting pool in the dark.


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