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Sequences not playing
« on: December 24, 2015, 12:49:50 AM »
Hi Everyone.  I had this all working in my house in AZ and packed it up and brought it to Oregon with me.  Now, my sequences don't play.  I am using FPP on a RP2 driving a Pixelnet 16.  The "Display Test" functions all work fine so I know everything is communicating.   What happens is when I go to play a sequence the clock function never updates and no lights appear and then after about 6 seconds it moves to the next song in the playlist.  I used the listen function to listen to the MP3 and its fine, I redid the sequence in Xlights with only about 6 effects and uploaded it again in case something was corrupted.  I made a new playlist with only one song/sequence.   Still the same thing.  Looking at the logs with my uneducated eye it looks like it is playing, just a 6 second long sequence and then goes on to the next one even though the sequence is supposed to be over 4 min long.  I checked log all and did a reboot.  Log is attached from the reboot through clicking "play".  Any assistance would be appreciated ... I don't know where to look from here.


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