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Pixel PiHat rev. B group buy

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It's long overdue, but finally we can sink our chops into it!! Special thank you to the PiHat development team Clyde, Andy, and myself are very happy with this little guy and can't wait to get them in your hands.

Attached is the link to the Group Buy. We will invoice shipping once the boards are ready to ship out!!

So get ready to control a couple of universes, make you a portable light up jacket, or even add your indoor Christmas tree as part of your dispaly and control it with this little guy and a Pi!!!

Steve Gase:
does this work with the FPP? ...the assumption is there, but just want to be clear. (video shows this to be YES)

also, will there be an RTC version of this available anytime soon?

will this support 5v pixels only?  (reading into this, but it seems if I removed the jumper supplying power to the Pi, then I could power the Pi through the USB port, and use the Hat's connector to supply 12v... right?)

Thanks for running this.

I don't want to detract from sales of this board but want to let users know of options so they can make sure they get a board with the functionality they need.  Ron has also created a hat for the Pi which has two ws281x outputs, a RTC, a rj45 for serial output for DMX or PixelNet, and a power regulator so the board and pixels can be powered by higher than 12V.

I am not sure if he will do a group buy or just offer the board design for users to get made.

Both of these boards are great options for FPP users running on a Pi and will allow FPP to fit into even more places and uses.

Stick one of these Pixel PiHat boards on a Pi with wireless done or the Pi v3 with built in wireless and you can have a few hundred pixels anywhere in the yard (or your neighbors yard) for well under $100.  We need someone with a large pixel power injection setup to test the FPP code to see if we can drive even more pixels per output than we currently allow.  If not maybe I'll have to use one of my power injection boards to setup a test once I get those in hand.  :)

2016, another huge leap forward for FPP.  :)

I'm in for 3.  I'd be interested in seeing what Ron has to offer as well.  Competition makes everything better.  Good stuff, guys.  Thanks for continuing to push our Hobby forward.

Ordered one thanks! Looking forward to trying this out with some wearable projects.


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