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Falcon Player - Install Instructions - Raspberry Pi (Zero & Bv3)

Started by CaptainMurdoch, March 17, 2016, 11:43:16 PM

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NOTE: This set of Install Instructions is deprecated.  The new FPP v1.8 Pi SD image works on the Pi v3 B and Pi Zero.  Use the FPP v1.8 install instructions located at,483.0.html

NOTE: This set of Install Instructions is for the Raspberry Pi Zero and B v3

The Falcon Player team does not plan on releasing a new set of SD images until FPP v2.0.  We are currently working on building and testing these images.

The Rapsberry Pi Zero and Pi v3 B have been released after the release of FPP v1.5 and are not compatible with the SD image we released for FPP v1.5.  To allow FPP users to use their new Pi Zero and v3 B models, we have created an upgrade script which can be used to upgrade an existing FPP v1.5+ SD card to be compatible with the newer Pi models.

If you wish to use FPP on a Pi Zero or v3 B before FPP v2.0 is out, you must have access to another older Pi model.  You must use this older model to install FPP onto the SD card and the run an upgrade script.  The installation instructions for FPP on the Pi are located at,483.0.html

Once you have installed the FPP v1.5 SD image, it is your choice whether to upgrade the image to v1.6 or v1.7 before or after the upgrade script for the Pi Zero and v3 B is run.  The upgrades are independent of each other and will not affect each other.

To upgrade a working FPP v1.5-v1.7 SD image to work in a Pi Zero or v3 B, you will need to SSH into the Pi you used to install the SD image or connect a keyboard and monitor to the system.  You will need to login as the 'fpp' user with the password 'falcon'.  Once you are logged in, run the following commands exactly as given:

cd /home/fpp/
wget -N -nd
chmod 700
sudo ./

You will be prompted once the upgrade is complete and you can use the 'Shutdown' button in the FPP UI to shutdown the Pi.  After shutting down, you can now put that microSD card into a Pi Zero or Pi v3 B and it should boot up and run FPP.


This thread is no longer sticky, the new FPP v1.8 Pi SD image works on the Pi B v3 and Pi Zero and the instructions provided in this thread are no longer necessary.  To install the v1.8 SD image, view the normal Pi install instructions locate at:,483.0.html

Support FPP

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