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Creating an xLights/Nutcracker video manual


Steve Gase:
If we edited existing videos, Sean (or someone else) re-recorded segments with old material, or added new...  what would we want to see discussed? 

Let's create an outline or table of contents for xLights/Nutcracker. 

Please respond to this thread with a list of topics.

what is nutcraker
why would I use it
what can I do with nutcracker?

Steve Gase:
1. Introduction
1.1 What is the purpose of xLights?  what does it solve? 
1.2 What is the purpose of Nutcracker?  what does it solve?
1.3 Where can you obtain it?
1.4 What is the history?
1.5 What are the prerequisites?  equipment? skills? computer capabilities?
1.6 RGB terminology (channels, pixels, nodes, ...)
1.7 NC terminology (models, effects)

2. Models
2.1 Everything is a bitmap (raster)
2.2 Walk-though of existing models
2.3 Creating a custom model

3. Effects
3.3  (...each effect is separately discussed!)
3.5 Creating custom effects

4. Timings
4.1 creating timings in Audacity (on note)
4.2 creating timing in Audacity (manual)
4.3 using timings

5. Play list (xLights)

6. Sound files
6.1 Ogg

6. Video playback

7. Conversions
7.1 import from LSP (light elf)
7.2 import from LOR
7.3 import from HLS
7.4 import from vixen (by version...?)
7.5 export to LSP

8. Communication with team
8.1 Submitting defects
8.2 Submitting enhancements
8.3 Reviewing the current list of open issues/requests
8.4 Live tutorials... how to connect
8.5 Discussion forums for troubleshooting and communication (what sites?)

9. Future
9.1 what new effects are planned in 2014?

another whole section would be the exports. how to export for LOR? lms or lcb, whats the difference. i get questions about the controller setup in LOR. i dont know the LOR hardware.
I also get questions of controller mappings to LSP.
LSP uses UserPatterns.xml as its only export choice from xlights.

prob a section on the controllers people can use
USB LOR, Pixelnet,
E1.31 E682, p12r, FPD, etherdongle.
and what the correct settings are for each


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