Author Topic: Falcon Pixelnet to DMX converter suggestion  (Read 4941 times)

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Re: Falcon Pixelnet to DMX converter suggestion
« Reply #15 on: July 15, 2013, 04:44:21 PM »
I have looked into a Pixelnet to DMX board. Using Pic32 chips used in Falcon 16 and FPD (Falcon Pixelnet/DMX board) we could do a  1 pixelnet universe in and 5 DMX outout. The one pixelnet universe in would be selectable from the four universes coming in on the cat5.

That sounds good...  you'd just need 7 to extract all of the channels as DMX.  Having a more reasonable solution than buying/assembling 32 16-port active hubs makes sense to me. 

Maybe the smart string to DMX converter would be more staight-forward... but who can say when it might appear... and you'd still need (4) passive hubs to get all of the DMX universes.

But as a side note. If you use the FPP (Falcon Pi Player) in bridge mode connected to FPD that would make this setup equivalent to two EtherDongles and 4 DMX outputs. I have proven to myself that the EtherDongle does have a small problem receiving E131 data that is more then 18.5 hz. It begins to miss packets which causes jerkiness. So connecting an Etherdongle to E131 from Pi Player will not be the best solution because Pi is right at 18.5 Hz, unless I rewrite EtherDongle firmware.  The reason Nutcracker works is because it outputs @ less than 18.5 hz.

is the FPD available now?  ...i didn't see it in the store.  |  110K channels, 50K lights  |  Nutcracker, Falcon, DLA, HolidayCoro

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Re: Falcon Pixelnet to DMX converter suggestion
« Reply #16 on: July 15, 2013, 06:19:19 PM »
Steve the FPD is not in store but I do have eight first version boards and I need some testers. The first version boards are working fine. The finished board will have a few minor changes but not a big change. So if any want to help test I can either build you a board or send you a board with SMD chips mounted.

The boards are about $100.00 fully built. $80.00 for 8 universes, $65.00 for 4 universes.
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