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A question about LOR and xlights poste dfrom ACL
« on: November 25, 2013, 08:39:39 AM »
A question from ACL forum;quote=44166;topic=5145.0

Well up here in the states we have a thanksgiving day usually celebrated with a turkey, I know down below you all don't have a turkey day but I think you have a special Jan day of sorts. Anyway I have been told that if I don't get this working I will be the turkey on the table since our light it up day is this coming Friday the day after our thanksgiving.

LOR   \\.\COM13       9600   80         LOR REG OR UNIV 1        CHANNELS 1 TO 80
LOR   \\.\COM14       9600   2826     LOR AUX A                      CHANNELS 81 TO 2906
LOR   \\.\COM15       9600   2826     LOR AUX B                      CHANNELS 2907 TO 5732
E131   MULTICAST    2          510      LOR AUX C OR UNIV 4     CHANNELS 5733 TO 6242
E131   MULTICAST    3           510     LOR AUX D OR UNIV 5     CHANNELS 6243 TO 6752
E131   MULTICAST    4           510     LOR AUX E OR UNIV 6      CHANNELS 6753 TO 7262
E131   MULTICAST    5           510     LOR AUX F OR UNIV 7      CHANNELS 7263 TO 7772
E131   MULTICAST    6           510     LOR AUX G OR UNIV 8      CHANNELS 7773 TO 8282
E131   MULTICAST    7           510     LOR AUX H OR UNIV 9      CHANNELS 8283 TO 8792
E131   MULTICAST    8           510     LOR AUX I OR UNIV 10      CHANNELS 8793 TO 9302
E131   MULTICAST    9           510     LOR AUX J OR UNIV 11      CHANNELS 9303 TO 9812
E131   MULTICAST    10         510     LOR AUX K OR UNIV 12      CHANNELS 9813 TO 10322
E131   MULTICAST    11         510     LOR AUX L OR UNIV 13      CHANNELS 10323 TO 10832
E131   MULTICAST    12         510     LOR AUX M OR UNIV 14      CHANNELS 10833 TO 11342
E131   MULTICAST    13         510     LOR AUX N OR UNIV 15      CHANNELS 11343 TO 11852
E131   MULTICAST    14         480     LOR AUX O OR UNIV 16      CHANNELS 11853 TO 12332

When I convert I am getting a ton of map to the same channel associated with com 14 and 15. I am using LOR CR150D on those 2 com ports to operate Brian's 12 ccr's tree. The sequence works perfect in LOR. But LOR scheduler will not handle these large files. When I try and play what I have converted just to see. It appears that nothing is coming out of any ports. The control boards "leds" are not indicating communication with the main computer.   Curious why the com ports are named  \\.\COM13  and not just .\COM13

I just love this software. I am just not smart enough to make it work. You all are the smart one's, how about lending me some of your knowledge so I am not feed to the family on our Turkey day

Up here

I dont know LOR well enough to understand what his issue is.

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