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Octoscroller+Hexfuse power distro bulk buy interest

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With all the other options of power distribution I thought I'd throw in the board I've had for a couple of years. It has 3 power inputs to 3 pairs of power outlets. 6.35mm spacing 30A input connectors with 5mm moving clamp style output connectors. There are "fuse blown" LED indicators for each of the 6 outputs. The board is primarily designed for power supplies that have the 3 V+ and 3V- connections but it can be used for mixed voltages if required. The board uses ATO automotive fuses and each of the 3 inputs can have up to 30A fused off them via the 2 outputs that they connect to.

I am about to order more pcbs as I am getting low but if there is interest in a bulk buy I can look at getting more made. They are usually retailing for $AU22 with discounts as seen in the link below. For non-Aus customers (who don't pay our GST) they work out to about $US10.31 each for 5 or more. As bulk purchasing allows for better pricing I would expect at least a 10% saving. I can ship a bulk lot direct to the US for distribution over there if required as individual freight from Aus is relatively expensive.
The standard price is $AU22 with discounts of "Buy 3 or more for 20% off Buy 5 or more for 30% off"

I have lots of different blinky boards in my "catalogue". If there is interest in any I can organise bulk buys. Some like my DMX2-18 and the 2801DC and 2811DC are pretty much exclusive designs to me AFAIK.


Another option, if not the best option I've seen.

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They kinda do the same thing but with different features. Daves board has 8 fused pluggable outputs from 1 30A input. Mine has 3 pairs of fused outputs from 3 30A inputs with LED indication of blown fuse.

--- Quote from: Phrog30 on June 04, 2016, 07:15:59 AM ---Another option, if not the best option I've seen.

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I can vouch for AAH's Hexfuse, it is a great little board and the blown fuse indicators make fault finding easy.

the grinch:
Yes I also recommend this board handy little gadget and heavy duty to be able 30 amp inputs.  I will be getting some more for sure


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