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 ;) ;)Alright sorry for the delay in running a second group buy. Been moving and looking at different designs. So before I do anything I want to get some feedback from the community. I have narrowed it down to 3 options....
Option #1: Dont change anything. $12 may drop to $11.50 with large quantity again......

Option#2: 8 port pluggable connectors $13. (FYI see pic below, I don't like this one as when I received the prototype the plugs are not straight and there is no way to get them perfectly straight. If things not perfectly in line drive you insane this is not the design for you)

Option#3: 8 port pluggable connectors turned on a right angle to make them a little straighter and added blown fuse indicator SMD LEDS. This one would come in at $14.

I've also debated adding a voltmeter but that might be a little overkill for a simple power distro board....

Please comment below and let me know what you would like to see for the next run.

I purchased some of these boards during the first group buy, and found them to be perfectly adequate.  If any changes are made to them, I would like to see them just a bit bigger, with a larger wire gauge output connector if available.  Just curious why folks would request a plug-in connector?  The connector would likely have to be removed from the cable in the event of having to remove the cable from the enclosure, so why put one on?

It was an item that was brought up for discussion a while back on one of the Christmas light confrence calls. It certainly doesn't need them and that is why I wanted the communities feedback before I ran anything. No sense in me designing something that everyone is just stuck with. Would rather have everyones input on design choices first. Thanks for the feedback rstehle!

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I like the originals and plan to buy more of them if they are offered, I dont see a need in my setup for many 8 port boards, if any.  Voltmeter, neat idea, but not needed in my opinion.  Same for the blown fuse indicators, I can see a need/want for those more than the voltmeter but as long as you buy fuses that are easy to see through then no big deal.  The only suggestion I remember seeing about the originals was putting the holes for the outputs closer together so that the connectors could be snapped together and installed as one piece before soldering, obviously this only helps those that buy in kit form. In the end, id be in for more of the originals, but at only a $2 difference then I can see the point in doing 8 port.

I would prefer option #2  even though the vertical plugs may not be aligned but that is much prefered over having the plugs being horizontal and Having to raise the board in order for them to be installed.


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